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 +<vote Asus-G53Jw check=ip>​
 +How do you rate this laptop with Linux?
 +* Excellent
 +* Good
 +* Fair
 +* Poor
 +* Unusable
 ====== Asus G53Jw ====== ====== Asus G53Jw ======
 ===== Introduction ===== ===== Introduction =====
-This is a template for a future ​guide to running Linux with the Asus G53Jw laptop. If you have the Asus G53Jw and are running Linux on it please consider editing this page or adding a comment below with your compatibility details. By contributing you will help other people running this laptop or trying to make a decision on whether to buy it or not.+This is a compatibility ​guide to running Linux with the Asus G53Jw laptop.
 This page is just for discussing using Linux on the Asus G53Jw. For a general discussion about this laptop you can visit the [[http://​www.lapwik.com/​asus_g53jw|Asus G53Jw page on LapWik]]. This page is just for discussing using Linux on the Asus G53Jw. For a general discussion about this laptop you can visit the [[http://​www.lapwik.com/​asus_g53jw|Asus G53Jw page on LapWik]].
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 ===== Linux Compatibility ===== ===== Linux Compatibility =====
 ^Device^Compatibility^Comments^ ^Device^Compatibility^Comments^
-|Processor|Works| ​+|Processor|Works|Turbo Boost working ​|
-|Screen|Works| ​|+
 |HDD|Works| | |HDD|Works| |
 |Optical Drive|Works| | |Optical Drive|Works| |
 |Graphics|Works|Nvidia Proprietary Drivers| |Graphics|Works|Nvidia Proprietary Drivers|
 |Sound|Works|HDA Intel| |Sound|Works|HDA Intel|
-|HDMI|Not Tested| |+|HDMI|Works| |
 |Ethernet|Works|r8169 Gigabit Ethernet driver| |Ethernet|Works|r8169 Gigabit Ethernet driver|
 |Wireless|Works|Atheros AR9285| |Wireless|Works|Atheros AR9285|
 |Bluetooth|Works| | |Bluetooth|Works| |
-|USB 2.0|Works| | 
-|USB 3.0|Not Tested| | 
-|Card Reader|Not Working| | 
 |Webcam|Works|UVC WebCam (uvcvideo)| |Webcam|Works|UVC WebCam (uvcvideo)|
-|Backlit Keyboard|Works| |+|USB 2.0|Works| | 
 +|Card Reader|Works|see details below | 
 +|Backlit Keyboard|Works|May require special configuration,​ see below | 
 +|Suspend|Works|May require special configuration,​ see below | 
 +|USB 3.0|Partial/​Needs Testing|May require special configuration,​ see below | 
 +|Screen|Partial|Brightness controls not working locked at 100% | 
 +|Hibernate|Not Working|Hangs at boot | 
 +===== Card Reader ===== 
 +Works on Ubuntu 11.04 but does not work on Ubuntu 10.10 out of the box. 
 +===== USB 3.0 Partial / Needs Testing / Not Working ===== 
 +Add //​pci=nomsi//​ to /​etc/​default/​grub : 
 +<code bash> 
 +GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT="​quiet splash pci=nomsi"​ 
 +Update grub : 
 +<code bash> 
 +sudo update-grub 
 +Ubuntu 11.10 AMD64 with the pci=nomsi:​ 
 +  * I don't have any USB 3.0 devices to test with.  My USB 2.0 devices do work in the USB 3.0 port now, tested a mouse and a harddrive, although working fine, both seem a little strange. ​ Some error messages in dmesg with the harddrive. 
 +Ubuntu 10.10 AMD64 users (assuming without the pci=nomsi):​ 
 +  * Attempting to plug any device into the USB 3.0 port disables all USB ports. About one minute after unplugging the device from the 3.0 port normal function returns to the 2.0 ports. 
 +  * I have used USB 2.0 devices in the USB 3.0 port without problems most of the time. I do not experience the above issue. ​ However, I have experienced a total system lock-up with frozen screen and blinking capslock indicator light which felt related to me plugging a USB 2.0 drive into the 3.0 port while having a file transfer operation occurring with a device on a USB 2.0 port.  I don't have any USB 3.0 devices to test with. dmesg says: usb3: No SuperSpeed endpoint companion for config 1  interface 0 altsetting 0 ep 129: using minimum values 
 +===== Backlit Keyboard ===== 
 +The Backlit Keyboard did not work 100% out-of-the-box in Ubuntu 10.10 AMD64. ​ It works 100% with the Asus Keyboard Backlight package, even adjusting the brightness with the FN + F3/F4 keys works great! 
 +===== Suspend ===== 
 +Suspend (sleep) did not work out-of-the-box in Ubuntu 10.10 AMD64 or Ubuntu 11.04. ​ Create two files to fix. 
 +Reference: http://​ubuntuforums.org/​showpost.php?​p=9180298 
 +/​etc/​pm/​config.d/​usb3-suspend-workaround : 
 +<code bash> 
 +/​etc/​pm/​sleep.d/​20_custom-ehci_hcd : 
 +<code bash> 
 +# Fixes for ASUS G53JW 
 +EHCI_DEVICES="​0000:​00:​1a.0 0000:​00:​1d.0"​ 
 +case "​${1}"​ in 
 + hibernate|suspend) 
 + # Unbind ehci_hcd devices 
 + for x in $EHCI_DEVICES 
 + do 
 + echo -n "​$x"​ | tee /​sys/​bus/​pci/​drivers/​ehci_hcd/​unbind 
 + done 
 + ;; 
 + resume|thaw) 
 + # Bind ehci_hcd devices 
 + for x in $EHCI_DEVICES 
 + do 
 + echo -n "​$x" ​tee /​sys/​bus/​pci/​drivers/​ehci_hcd/​bind 
 + done 
 + ;; 
 +Make it executable:​ 
 +<code bash> 
 +sudo chmod 755 /​etc/​pm/​sleep.d/​20_custom-ehci_hcd 
 +===== Hibernate ===== 
 +Hibernate (suspend to disk) did not work for me in Ubuntu 10.10 AMD64 even with the Suspend Fix.  The laptop powers off but gets hung part way thru the startup process when powering back on.  I have to reboot with CTRL-ALT-DEL and boot into Ubuntu without restoring from the suspend. 
 ===== Notes ===== ===== Notes =====
-You can enter any specific notes with running Linux on the Asus G53Jw here.+  * Have been using Ubuntu 10.10 AMD64 for 1 month, system is very stable. ​ Card reader not working but only tested using 2GB SD card.  After upgrading to the 260.19.06 Nvidia Proprietary Drivers using the Ubuntu update manager some minor visual errors are present ​on the top 1/4 of the screen. ​ Battery time is very good even with the screen back light locked at 100% 
 +  * Have also been using Ubuntu 10.10 AMD64 for 1 month. ​ I also use Gentoo. ​ I am very excited about this laptop, it has been a very solid and stable computer. ​ Not Working: screen brightness adjusting and hibernate (suspend to disk). 
-After installing "​BlackBuntu"​ onto this laptop everything appeared to be working okay. Only ran it for about 5 minutes before installing the video driver and restarting. Did not have any issues up to that point. Once the system had restarted it would only run for a couple of minutes before completely locking up. Not sure whether the locking up was due to the driver or not, should have done more testing without it. When it was not locked up everything seemed to be working fine, however there wasn't any time to do thorough testing. System did not lock up while booting from live CD. This was all done with x86, so it may or may not be an issue with x64. +===== Author(s) ​===== 
-===== Summary ​===== +Stephen Michaels 
-You can enter a summary of how well the Asus G53Jw works with Linux here.+Xendarboh
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