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HP Pavilion dv5000z


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This is a guide to running Linux with the HP Pavilion dv5000z series (dv5053EA Austrian Edition) laptop. This laptop was tested with FC6/i386.


NameHP Pavilion dv5000z
ProcessorAMD Turion64
Optical DriveDual-Format-DVD-Burner (+/-R +/-RW) with double-layer-support
GraphicsATI RADEON® XPRESS 200M IGP-Graphik 128 MB could be sized up to 256 MB with RAM (Bios settings)
Network10/100 LAN Ethernet onboard; 54mbit 802.11b/g WLAN
OtherAltec Lansing® speaker, touchpad with dedicated scrollpad, 101 standard keyboard support, 1 PCMCIA Slot with typ 1 or 2, 1 Expresscard/54(also Expresscard/34),3xUsb 2.0, 1xVga, 1x IEE1394, s-video, RJ11 Modem, Expansion Port and the normal sound outputs

Linux Compatibility

Processorokworks really good also in battery mode
ScreenokScreen runs good, no problems
Optical DriveokCD Burning works on K3b
Graphicsokthe driver installation was more than problematic
Soundokno problems works fine
Ethernetokworks fine
Wirelessokwell the bcm43xx not good / ndiswrapper perfect
56K Modemokworks well
USBokworks great
Firewireokno problems with firewire
Card Readerokworks without any problems
PCMCIAoktested network card works perfect


My laptop runs on Fedora Core 6 x86. Well i tried to install the 64 bit version it should also work but as the 64 bit version takes more time because mostly very often libraries have to be copied from usr/lib to usr/lib64 or linked, I`ve just started running the i386 version.

As i said Fedora Core 6 works good. Well after the installation everything was ok. The problem were two things, the first one was setting up wireless and the second one was ati driver (which one basic radeon Opensource Driver or Propiertry Driver from ATI Homepage). Fedora 6 comes up automaticly with the wireless driver bcm43xx installed in this laptop, the chipset is an Broadcom 4318 wireless called airforce 54. The only thing you have to do is download via yum the bcmfwcutter tool and the windows driver so that the tool can extract the firmware files out of the windows driver into your /usr/lib/firmware directory then the driver works. BUT the driver only works when there`s not many other different wireless networks around you.
In my case it worked about 1 year good and then nothing. As this card acts in lower radio modes it does not work or neither can`t connect properly if there are other wireless networks round you.
Therefore you have to get the ndiswrapper which can also be downloaded via yum. ndiswrapper works great, but you have to deinstall the bcm43xx module completely. Just setting it on the kernels blacklist so that it does not get loaded was in my case not enough.
Also if you have any keys or wep activated on your Access Point set the key hexadecimal in some cases also mine the wireless key s:xxxxx does not work. Then i got an startup failure.

After this long procedure I can say my wireless works perfect.

The second problem was my ATI Driver Xpress200m is a rather bad chipset as it even does not work properly under Windows.
Fedora installs basically the open source radeon module which works ok, but no direct rendering (DRI) is POSSIBLE, apps which use dri are very very very slow.
In the bios you can activate graphic sharing so you can give from your 1024 mb of RAM 128 to the graphic card so you have a total of 256 mb running on your graphic card.
Also at this time you cannot run AIGLX them nice wobbely effects with open source module which runs only when DRI is enabled.
When you install the official ati driver then you can build out of the driver the fedora packages. it builds 5 rpm files these have to be installed then just type aticonfig –initial and strg+alt+backspace or restart your machine and your ati driver should load. Then you can try running via console fgl_glxgears and if you see a spinning cube with textures your systems runs fine with the new driver.
In my case i had a white cube with nothing. I just enabled sideport sharing in bios and now everything works perfect. And now if you still want wobbely effects this driver does not support AIGLX at this time but XGL runs fine. I haven`t tried it because I`m an X fan. But via certain search machines you can look for xgl + Fedora 6 howtos.

The keyboard was changed through the kde control center keyboard layout to:
HP Sk2505 Internet keyboard.
Now also 3 of the 5 buttons work. The dvd and the backwards button still have no function but power off and loudness works fine.


Well I have to say after solving all these problems I can say runs great and stable. It costs some time but its worth it all.


Luis Balcruz , 2009/07/29 15:09

hi there i have question I installed window xp software in my hp laptop compaq nx7400

when i install all scan everthing check drivers and usb from xp software' after the final

they say we cannot install the sofware here ' the name words ”” system file caused an unexpected error 8192 at line 5964 in d: xpsp\based\boot\setup\c:”” is that from driver
my question is the “ndis wrapper ” can help my laptop. so i can dowload XP Software, is there

free dowload “ndis wrapper; hope fully you can help me trouble shooting because can't download the xp sofware

Louay, 2008/11/22 03:05


I have installed Ubuntu on it since 6.x till now 8.10

the wireless only worked perfectly by using NDSwraapper.
in 8.04 the free driver was working but with weak signal.
now with 8.10 worked perfectly with the free driver (just run fwcutter and it will do the setup for you)

ATI Xpress200m is very weak chip, no 3D fun for me :)
the latest ATI Driver Xpress200m is just ok, but it can't makes miracles with this weak chip.

overall I have non of the problems I am reading on the net when installing Linux on a laptop, so I can say this lapi is Linux compatible (will 95% at least)

Osama, 2008/08/12 22:43


i have the same laptop here, i tried linux opensuse 10.2 , 10.3 , 11.0 , all works well with manual installation video card driver from ATI, and using the ndiswrapper all well,

but with Ubuntu 8.04.1 … the ATI driver i installed worked well., but the wireless card with ndiswrapper .. doesnt work at first .. then i donno what i did worked .. why !!! i donno exactly, it connect to the network as soon as i log in in the Ubuntu, then i donno what happened now i have to ( modprobe b43 ) that's mean to enable the previous already installed driver , it detects the available network but not always connects .. some times i have to ( rmmod b43 ) and re ( modprobe b43 ) again ,, and sometimes reboot the Ubuntu and enable the ( b43 ) again … but in the shell booting screen .. i can see a message says that it cant enable the ndiswrapper … i donno exactly what the problem »>

Anonymous, 2008/05/27 10:10

I also installed on this laptop. Ubuntu 7.10, originally it was 8.04, but the wireless wouldn't work no matter what. Works great now, like you said it cost some time, but it definitely was worth it!

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