Linux Compatibility

ProcessorYes/No/Partial/Not TestedComments
ScreenYes/No/Partial/Not TestedComments
HDDYes/No/Partial/Not TestedComments
Optical DriveYes/No/Partial/Not TestedComments
Graphics ChipYes/No/Partial/Not TestedComments
VGA OutYes/No/Partial/Not TestedComments
DVI PortYes/No/Partial/Not TestedComments

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HDMI PortYes/No/Partial/Not TestedComments
DisplayPortYes/No/Partial/Not TestedComments
Touch ScreenYes/No/Partial/Not TestedComments
SoundYes/No/Partial/Not TestedComments
Headphone JackYes/No/Partial/Not TestedComments
Microphone JackYes/No/Partial/Not TestedComments
EthernetYes/No/Partial/Not TestedComments
WirelessYes/No/Partial/Not TestedComments
BluetoothYes/No/Partial/Not TestedComments
WWANYes/No/Partial/Not TestedComments
ModemYes/No/Partial/Not TestedComments
USBYes/No/Partial/Not TestedComments
ESATAYes/No/Partial/Not TestedComments

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