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Acer Aspire 4530


This is a compatibility guide to running Linux with the Acer Aspire 4530 laptop.

This guide is intended to provide you details on how well this laptop works with Linux and which modules you need to configure. For details on how to actually install and configure the required modules have a look at our guides section for distribution specific instructions.

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NameAcer Aspire 4530
ProcessorAMD Turion 64 X2
Screen14.1“ WXGA Widescreen
Optical DriveDVD+-RW
GraphicsNVIDIA Geforce 9100M G
NetworkEthernet, Acer InviLink 802.11b/g/draft n

Linux Compatibility

ScreenWorked 1280×800
HDDWorkedEither AHCI mode or IDE mode
Optical DriveWorked
GraphicsWorkedTested with propietary driver from Nvidia; <br> open nv driver needs recompile (instructions below)
SoundWorked on kernel 2.6.27
Microphonenot working on generic Ubuntu Intrepid install
56K ModemNot worked
Card ReaderWorked
ExpressCard SlotNot Tested
CameraWorked *see below


Using openSUSE 11.0 with upgraded kernel to, problems are you have to kompile driver for Suyin webcam for yourself because openSUSE didn't have matching kernel module.

LED indicator for Wifi didn't work eventough wifi itself worked well.

Suspend doesn't work with ubuntu jaunty but hibernate works out-of-the-box ( tested with nvidia binary driver).
USB : 1 port works full speed (ehci mode), 2 work in compatible mode (ohci 11 mbps)



arim, 2010/10/03 00:44

i install linuxmint 9 64bit kernel 2.6.32-21generic
i have something problem in lan card ethernet , it can't connected in internet! somebody can help me please…

Chetan Bhasin, 2010/05/06 07:35

I am running unbuntu on aspire 4530(latest version of linux) and it works fine rather it works very good. I love it.

yopyless, 2010/11/19 19:27

Hi, I have the same laptop and was wondering if you have a power problem or the amd chip overheats and you then have to wait until it cools down. With linux (PClinux09 and Mepis latest 11-10) everything works out of the box however can't undervolt the chip therefore it overheats and shutsdown.

With windows I undervolt the chip and the issues go away unless I run it in high performance mode without a cooling fan underneath it.

Bill Giannikos, 2010/11/22 13:24

Sounds more like a hardware issue in my opinion. If it just shuts down by itself under Windows as well then it sounds like the cooling system isn't working properly.

*That* Guy, 2013/02/19 20:54

1. Yes, I know I'm replying to a post that's old as dirt. For those still running a 4530, as I am, I thought this might be helpful. Deal with it.

2. I'm extremely new to Linux (still running it from a CD), but this advice is not Linux-specific.

3. I used to have overheating problems with my 4530 (-5620). I tried undervolting with K10Stat, removing every second bar from the fan output grate, adding aluminum tape to the inside bottom panel to add heat sink capacity and running the fan wide open with RW-Everything (tricks suggested at…all to no avail.

4. The solution is to CLEAN YOUR LAPTOP: Open bottom panel. Using either a 'can of air' or a gutted Bic pen with the cap on (functions as a nozzle) and your lungs, blow the shit out of everything. Pay special attention to the fan cage and the GPU (little square thing with a black plastic sticker on top of a heat sink). You will want to do this with the computer ON (carefully!) so the fan will blow the dirt out. Blow from many angles (e.g. blow IN the fan OUTPUT) until nothing more comes out. I recommend you do this under a kitchen hood fan that exhausts to the outdoors or, failing that, do it outdoors. You WILL blow dirt everywhere, including on yourself.

*Note: Do not use an air compressor unless it has an oil separator. If you don't know what that is, just don't use a compressor. A hollowed pen works fine.*

5. Watch the CPU and GPU temps drop by 30°C or more (using NVidia System Monitor, which you should be using anyway). If it doesn't drop below 80°C, do it again. If you don't see clumps of dirt blowing out, you're doing it wrong.

6. When I start seeing temps rise above 75°C, I know it's time for another cleaning. I can't remember the last time my 4530 went above 80°C, when it used to regularly hover around the 100°C mark. If your 4530 shuts down, it's because CPU temp exceeded 110 degrees.

I expect this will be useless for the OP, but hopefully anyone having overheating problems or random shutdowns with a 4530 will find this helpful. Cheers.

dude, 2013/07/05 15:09

Man i have had heating problems for some time I even cleaned and applied new thermal paste but to me she is still kind of hot, I would like you to email me since finding anything of this laptop online is difficult these days

A. S. Bhasker Raj, 2009/11/18 12:12

I have Acer Aspire 4530 Laptop.

I want to use the built-in mic.

How to activate this device?

Jadoca, 2009/11/17 08:07

all karmic native drivers worked for my acer aspire 4530, but you need to install nvidia driver for the display, the only components not tested are expresscard and modem, native karmic drivers even work for my smartbro wifi broadband

sankar prasad, 2009/08/09 03:35

hey can anyone pls tell me how will i be able to open my laptop (My left speaker is not working)

sri, 2012/04/03 07:16

go for right speaker dude…

sankar prasad, 2009/08/09 03:35

hey can anyone pls tell me how will i be able to open my acer 4530 laptop (My left speaker is not working)

lismen, 2009/07/09 03:03

i realy want to change my note book syste to linux, i have been trying some of linux like mandrake 10, slackware, fedora, and ubuntu, but all of them failed to be installed.. help me please. for information, my note book is acer aspire 4530. tengs for your help…

yopyless, 2010/11/19 19:33

Hi, I have the same laptop and was wondering if you have a power problem or the amd chip overheats and you then have to wait until it cools down. With linux (Mandriva 2009, PClinux09 and Mepis beta latest 11-10-10) everything works out of the box however can't undervolt the chip therefore it overheats and shutsdown.

With windows I undervolt the chip and the issues go away unless I run it in high performance mode without a cooling fan underneath it.

Jameson Quinn, 2009/06/09 03:36

nv version 1:2.1.13-1ubuntu2 first fixed version.

Jameson Quinn, 2009/06/09 03:26

dev build of nv driver now supports 9100m graphics card (Bug 321613). No more need to use the binary nvidia drivers.

homunq, 2009/06/05 17:34

I finally got skype working in Jaunty (video and all) by totally disabling PulseAudio.

homunq, 2009/05/15 16:50

I had some serious problems with the binary (proprietary) nvidia driver version 180. My luck was better with version 173.

Igor L, 2009/04/17 17:11

Everything works FINE for me.

I fixed my wireless problem by simply having my wireless card boot before the hard drive via BIOS, worked for me, only problem is now as it boots it shows this and makes me paranoid… not a real fix in my opinion.

My biggest problem is BLUETOOTH peripherals like mouse and keyboard, they just wont work via external adapter.

Also A little warning, after installing LATEST nvidia drivers 191.xx my GPU seems to go over the 78c mark much more easily freezing my system 3 times and crash til restart ed my GUI screen once.

Running windows I have some heating problems but in linux it feels like the GPU or ACSI or both heat up excessively so stick to 187 but do give 191 a try maybe you will have some luck.

Igor L, 2009/04/17 17:13

P.S Running UBUNTU 8.1 INTREPID 2.6.27

tmarthal, 2009/04/16 05:35

The microphone works good, albeit with the mic boost. There is some feedback, but I think that it is the problem with my mixer settings.

To get it to work, I had to run alsamixer then tab over to the [Capture] View and change the 'Input Source' (not 'Input Source 1') to the 'Front Mic'. This is not enabled by default.

Marc K, 2009/03/22 23:02

Do Not upgrade Ubuntu to Jaunty yet.

-nv reports it does not support GeForce 9100M G

tmarthal, 2009/04/15 01:14

Ubuntu 9.04 Beta Release (April 10th, 2009) :

Alternate AMD64 CD

This is a clean install over the factory Home Vista Premium OS.

It auto-defaulted to a low brightness. Had to turn up the brightness with the Fn→ key.

Wireless works out of the box. Wireless indicator also seems to work (as I download the updates).
Disk usage indicator is also working. (at least its blinking as the updates are being written).

Updating and upgrading now. Will report back on other capabilities as I use them.

homunq, 2009/02/21 19:04

To fix the problem with the network, I had to boot into windows and press the button (second from top on left) to enable the network. Now it works fine.

To get Skype sound working, I basically followed … that is, install paman and friends and then move everything to pulseaudio EXCEPT SKYPE SOUND IN which goes to HDA NVidia (hw:NVidia,4).

Skype video is now not working, although it worked one time randomly.

headphone/speaker switch is not automatic but I think you can do it. Same with mic/mic jack.

homunq, 2009/01/27 14:45

Watch out! Yesterday ran ubuntu intrepid's update tool, to see if a new kernel would fix my microphone and headphones. I grabbed what looked interesting, avoiding applications and peripheral stuff like cups; and now my wireless doesn't work. I will fix it but meanwhile be careful with updates.

homunq, 2009/01/27 02:31

webcam works by downloading (click on gz or bzip) ; unpacking ; cd to directory ; make ; sudo make install ; restart .

prabin, 2010/08/09 06:03

can't get anything from the link you've mentioned…it just shows the page with donwload links but when i click nothing happens

Jason Hall, 2009/01/27 00:12

I got everything I needed to work on OpenSuse 11. Webcam worked out of the box. Sound worked after I recompiled ALSA with the latest version (including headphones). NVIDIA 9100M worked after downloading the Unified drivers off of DVD drive worked out of the box. Wireless card does work but spiratically (using NDISWRAPPER, it either works and can connect or it just sees the network.) My solution is just reboot the computer until the network card worked. Gigabit ethernet works out of the box. NVIDIA Framebuffer seems to be sloooooooow, but X11 driver is fast. Memory card reader works really well. I haven't tried the ExpressCard, or 56K modem. I'm using kernel 2.6.24. I don't know if 2.6.28+ has fixed the wireless card problem but I would like to compile the latest kernel to find out.

Note: I haven't been able to boot FreeDOS from a CD yet. Might try using the built-in memory card.

homunq, 2009/01/26 21:02

Oops. The instructions below are for nv, not nouveau; when I submitted the bug to nouveau, they said that that should just work with them. So I reported the bug to nv, and you can check [|here] to see if it is fixed.

homunq, 2009/01/26 16:11

apart from the video driver, I've had the following problems with my generic Ubuntu Intrepid install:

-microphone not working - I'll post here when I get it fixed
-webcam ditto
-draft-N wireless not tested
-WEP works but I had unresolved problems with WPA. Not a priority for me at the moment.
-Skype (installed from medibuntu) can not even make noises - will investigate. Other apps have sound.
-headphone jack doesn't work, just internal speakers.

Nevertheless, it is a good computer, and I only need to boot over to windoze for skype.

homunq, 2009/01/26 16:05

Open NV driver (Nouveau) notes on Ubuntu Intrepid

turn on nvidia card from system:administration:hardware drivers

then running system:administration:nvidia x server settings tells me “You do not appear to be using the NVIDIA X driver. Please edit your X configuration file (just run `nvidia-xconfig` as root), and restart the X server.”

doing that gets you the nvidia binaries. But soon after, when I got some unexplained hangs (total, can't get to terminal) I wanted to eliminate the closed drivers as a possible source of error, so I tried to install the open nouveau drivers (xorg-xserver-video-nv). I ended up having to add the card to a list in the source and then recompile to get them to recognize the card, but then everything worked. Here's the relevant section of my bash history:

cd /usr/share/doc/xserver-xorg-video-nv/
gcat changelog.Debian.gz | head
zcat changelog.Debian.gz | head
mkdir nvsrc
cd nvsrc/
apt-get source xserver-xorg-video-nv
cd xserver-xorg-video-nv-2.1.10/
cd src/
grep 0x10DE /var/log/*
lspci –help
lspci -t
lspci -n
nano nv_driver.c

here I found

 { 0x10DE06E5, "GeForce 9300M GS" }, 
 { 0x10DE06E8, "GeForce 9200M GS" }, 
 { 0x10DE06E9, "GeForce 9300M GS" }, 

and added

 { 0x10DE0844, "GeForce 9100M G" }, 

right after. Then continuing:

sudo aptitude install build-essential
sudo aptitude install devscripts
dch -i .
nano ../debian/changelog
cd ..
apt-get build-dep
apt-get build-dep .
apt-get build-dep xserver-xorg-video-nv
sudo apt-get build-dep xserver-xorg-video-nv
cd ..
sudo dpkg -i xserver-xorg-video-nv_2.1.10-1ubuntu2.0~0jameson1_i386.deb

Nathan, 2009/01/21 02:52

Installed Fedora 9
Kernel 2.6.27-9 64bit
Installed Nvidia Drivers

Everything works except buttons for Extra buttons(Wifi, Bluetooth), and modem.

AMD Athlon QL-60(1.9 Ghz 1MB l2 cache)
9100M Nvidia Video Driver
4 Gig DDR2 Memory
160Gig HDD
DVD-Super Multi DL
802.11b/g WLAN

javier, 2009/01/10 08:31

i tried to install linux(ubuntu 8.04) in that same lap top, but i had some issues with audio and video, since the video card seems to not be supported, i'll try the suse11.0 and then i'll tell you how it woks XD

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