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Mo, 2014/06/23 05:13

Been trying to install Arch Linux on my 5336 and was about to go insane because I thought it was an issue with the boot-able media. Oh well, was looking for an excuse to upgrade my laptop anyways. The specifications are becoming obselete in my opinion of performance, so might as well just give this one away and upgrade.

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louis, 2013/11/18 17:49

DarkLord, 2013/04/19 11:47

If the above method worked for you, you must be at a Linux competency level where you can make it work. I'm new with Linux. I don't know how to edit grub or putting in the sudo command with a black screen on my PC. I'd really like to use Linux cause my Windows key is faded & although it's paid for, I don't have the key & I prefer to be 100% legal if possible. Can someone please walk me through how to get the black screen working? I have no idea how to edit anything in grub… as the above instructions suggest while there's a totally unreadable black screen on my laptop.

DarkLord, 2013/04/19 11:47

you can see if you changed the brightness on laptop boot this is the method i used for 4 months then i found this method it worked for me

louis, 2013/03/23 14:35

I've looked through the various messages about this backlight issue using google. Why is it that most users are either trying to get it working with either Mint or Ubuntu? Are those the most popular linux distros these days?
Some people have found a fix that involves typing 'sudo ….' in a command prompt, but, how is one to even get to a command-prompt when there is a black screen? Do they have all the login-key sequences memorized?
Is there any distro that works w/ Acer 5336-2624 straight from the ISO CD w/out having to fix the backlight issue? I also hear that the broadcom network drivers need to be manually installled & tweeked to get those working. I'd like to know if there is a linux disto where everything works and anything that doesn't work is simple to get working? Anyone have any luck? We all know that microshaft has made a fortune off of backroom deals that force everyone to use their products. This looks like just such a deal. Maybe Mr. Acer designer got a nice kickback for this little bug. That sucks for the rest of us. Next time I buy a laptop, I hope I have the resources to check up on it first. There aught to be a Linux compatability score rating for various machines listed right on all price-tags of all computers at all stores by law, but you know Bill Gates would never allow that. These pigs run our country after all w/ lobbyists bribes, and are working directly against freedom, liberty, justice, and everything that's good. These tyrants need to be where I am so they can see the effects of their injustice everyday.

louis, 2013/03/15 04:17

I tried to install Ubuntu on my acer 5336-2524. The backlight issue was not solvable. I spent a good day trying to get it working & gave up.

I've used linux distros before.
Shining a 60 watt bulb or even using sunlight was USELESS. Don't even try it. It's just not worth it.
Is there a better distro that doesn't have this issue?

This is a major flaw. HUGE. Some techies said they could fix it, but many other people on the forums said they tried & could not. I could not. Waste of my time too & a pain in the rear.

I also tried that free Windows hack, the open-source one. Total waste. None of the drivers worked.

I have a flash-drive, Hiren's Boot “CD” that boots up, and I can boot into Linux great. Even the sound works fine, but I cannot get either wireless or cabled internet working. At least the backlight worked. Better than I could say for Ubuntu.

Leona Obbrace, 2012/08/27 14:34

The linux os can not detect the screen & many other drivers. You have to be a bit advanced to write in the commands to connect with & use all the hardware/software on the acer.

Salem, 2012/11/02 23:15

Not sure which other drivers you're referring to but as for the screen it's usually just a back-light issue (if it appears to be turned off, shine a touch on it) I've updated the page so you should be able to use the instruction in Notes to fix the problem, Worked for me at any rate.

Sinead, 2012/08/11 03:46

I have Linux Mint Maya and at first I could see wireless networks. Then I disabled it because it was not recognising my password. Now I can't re enable wireless

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