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Acer Aspire 5735Z


This is a guide to running Linux with the Acer Aspire 5735Z laptop.

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This guide is intended to provide you details on how well this laptop works with Linux and which modules you need to configure. For details on how to actually install and configure the required modules have a look at our guides section for distribution specific instructions.

This page is just for discussing using Linux on the Acer Aspire 5735Z. For a general discussion about this laptop you can visit the Acer Aspire 5735Z page on LapWik.

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For full specifications see the Acer Aspire 5735Z specifications page.

NameAcer Aspire 5735Z
ProcessorIntel Pentium Dual Core Processor T3200
Screen15.6“ WXGA Widescreen
Optical DriveDVD+-RW
GraphicsIntel Graphics Media Accelerator 4500M
NetworkEthernet, 802.11abgn

Linux Compatibility

HDDNot Tested
Optical DriveTested
GraphicsNot Tested
WirelessNot Tested
56K ModemNot Tested
Card ReaderTested
ExpressCard SlotTested


This laptop runs perfectly using the usb live version of Ubuntu ibex


You can enter a summary of how well the Acer Aspire 5735Z works with Linux here.


Erik Lundmark, 2011/12/25 03:10

Forgot some things in my previous post; too much xmas ham:
Dial-up modem: Not tested, but after searching a while I can't find any major reaons not to believe it'll work fine if tested.
Webcam: Works awesome, but, see my last post, I'm biased.
Built in microphone: works, not the greatest but for voice it's passable.
Battery-life: For Unity support, install indicator-cpufreq to take advantage of the processors powersave functions. For ⇐ 11.04 see this link:

Erik Lundmark, 2011/12/25 01:53

please bare in mind that this is for me a newer computer, evern yhough it's 4 years old; my previous one was 8 yo. So i'm a little biased to it's performance - ytlyn

Ubuntu 11.10 Oneiric
– Updated the BIOS using Win XP before I installed Ubuntu.

Keyboard(-hotkeys) - 10/10: everything works
(however, the extra keypad and the smaller-than-average keys may not suit everyone…)
Graphics - 10/10: The drivers are transparent and built in
(If you run the latest version of Chrome like me you should even be able to view 1080p flash video, at least 720p flash runs smooth- and bare in mind that normal 1080p video runs flawlessly, thanks to the decoder on the graphics-chip)
Screen - 10/10: The default resolution and brightness controls works awesome.
Sound - 10/10
Wireless -10/10: Everything works.
Bluetooth - XX/10: This was a weird one, I thought this laptop Had bluetooth, given it Had a button on the keyboard, and Win XP said it had one as well. But, as per usual Acer pply let this budget 5735z model out with all but the chip installed, to save a little money on the design costs.
Wired 1000 - 10/10: Everything works.
Card-reader: Works.
USB ports: Works.
Suspend / Hibernate: Suspend works fine, but don't press the power button to resume; use ANY other key, or the system will power down.
Video / VGA out: Not tested.
Trackpad - 10/10: Scroll-wheel emulator on the right-side worked out of the box, as did the 2nd and 3rd button emulation on the top-left and top-right hand side. Double-click-drag works too.
Other notes: I'm not what to say over all, I'm super pleased, BUT my favorite program AutoKey has a bug related to the keyboard logger, it can randomly log you out, which is so dangerous that I've never used AutoKey since. Beware…
Also, This particular Acer model suffers from a serious built-flaw; sometimes, about the 3rd or 4th reboot, the bios won't boot up, and you have to remove the battery for 10+ seconds (plus power-source), but after that it boots fine. Annoying, but workable.

For ~$150 which is what I payed for mine this fall, it's a lot of Ubuntu for your money. I'd buy it again. But again, I'm biased, and $150 is pretty cheap.

sujeet dakey, 2011/01/15 23:36

which is the boot key in acer aspire 5735z vista. Is it f12 ?

Erik Lundmark, 2011/12/25 01:55

U r correct sir.

Ian, 2010/07/17 02:46

I have run ubuntu, gentoo and now debian. Each of them had a few issues, mostly related to ACPI, but generally they ran without problems. Ubuntu and debian both had problems with udev and the CD drive. I disabled polling on the CD (hal-disable-polling –device /dev/scd0). Otherwise, it sometimes (often but not always) got stuck in a loop making it think new media was inserted several times a second.

shrededthelot, 2009/09/04 22:26
recently  i upgraded my laptop to the acer 5735z and soon became annoyed with the rubbish vista crap which would not even let me play a DVD. being a firm believer in FREE i decided to try Linux. I tried ubuntu and it gave me loads of grief. so many small problems with it. trust me i tried everything. so i reinstalled it, this time i went for the 64 version. guess what, i fell back into my original problem of not being able to watch a DVD. Funny that, you can see me laughing cant you. if i was to bother writing all of the problems i have encountered i would not get any sleep tonight!! i hope you dont think i am joking.
What the hell are all these people raving about, in the six weeks i have owned my new laptop i have not been able to do anything that i want to since day one. considering i uploaded ubuntu more than three weeks ago it is getting a little bit annoying (i started with fedora) that i can not edit my videos properly, watch movies without everlasting problems or even listen to a music file that has been ripped from a CD. I do not even get an error report or an attempt to retrieve the right codecs. 
Today is the day that i throw my laptop into the river and never look at another computer ever again. To anybody who might be thinking 'oh, i can help that poor misguided soul with his problems' dont bother. the amount of people who have tried and i listened and guess what, it just made matters worse. A friend of mine who is a tech head liked the idea of trying linux so when he heard that i had installed it he came to check it out. he is now put off the idea. 
I shall keep trying regardless of my mental picture of how quickly a laptop sinks. i will try other versions of linux and see how i get on. when i have tried them all i shall use my laptop as a bouyancy aid. great!! 
Rob Smith, 2009/09/05 03:02

Shrededthelot, a.k.a. Thenotsohappyone, I look at this and I have to wonder. On my 5735, I run the stock Vista OS as it came. I run Windows 7 Beta, and now RC on the second partition, and I run Ubuntu Live off the DVD Burner or on a USB stick. I have no problems other then typical Vista gripes (although Win 7 is better, it still has some issues), which have nothing to do with the Acer hardware.

I look at all the things that you say your machine cannot do that mine can, and there is only one thing I can think of… PEBKAC!

BTW, Fedora is a very cutting edge distro, and because of this, it is generally not as stable as Ubuntu. If you are trying to play MP3s which are a proprietary format, you will have to load the appropriate codecs from the repository. They are there. Since you don't sound very experienced, I would recommend you stick with Synaptic rather than apt-get. You didn't give any details about the DVDs you're unable to play, so all I can tell you is that the Region 1 factory DVD movies that I have tried all played just fine (under Vista, Win 7, and Ubuntu).

You also might check with your local community college. They generally have beginner computer classes for n00bs. Also, there is a Shift key on a computer's keyboard for a reason!

If you are going to throw out your computer, send it to me. I will install Linux on it and donate it to a worthy cause (that's my hobby).

adrimaiden, 2009/08/24 14:20

Acer Aspire 5735z (spain) price 444€
Intel Dual T4200 - 500Gb HD - Intel X4500 - 4RAM - 15,6… more

LiveDVD Linux Mint 7 (KDE)- ALL PERFECT!

Wifi - perfect
Sound - perfect
grafhics - perfect
Card reader - perfect
HD,RAM,opticaldrive,screen, ethernet… - perfect

:-O 99% Perfect in Linux Mint 7 (distro of ubuntu 9.04)
:-\ 1% shit… Windows Vista (erase).

Thanx from Spain!! Gracias desde España!!

Rob Smith, 2009/08/10 03:21

Since my above post, I have also successfully run the latest version of Damn Small Linux under VirtualBox in Vista and it worked like a charm. I have not experienced any of the network issues that others have had problems with. This might be due to running either live or virtual, I'm not sure. I just got a copy of LinuxMINT 7 the other day and tried it with success too. Again, this is running live. My model number is listed above, and it is stock as built except that I am running a pair of 2GB Crucial memory sticks in place of the two 1GB sticks the machine came with. YMMV.

I am going to start running some tests using VirtualBox under Windows 7 RC to see if things fare well.

JeffV, 2009/08/09 20:35

Works fine with Kubuntu 9.04. Have it working fine mostly. Wireless with RA Link is patchy: Wep works but not with a passphrase only with a hex key. WPA doesn't work. Works ok with unsecured wireless. :(

rafa, 2009/08/07 17:29

Try linux mint 7, it works well in my acer 5735z…

Eelco, 2009/07/22 12:36

Hello, my microphone don't work. anyone know how I should solve?

ChristianH, 2009/06/05 04:45

hey all, y upgraded my ubuntu from 8.10 to 9.04, video is all screwed up, my cpu is always at 90-100% (both of them), and can no longer use compiz. It was all okay before the upgrade.. I tried installing intel drivers, using or not using uxa, etc… this is in my xserver.config:
Section “Device”

Identifier 	"Configured Video Device"
Option 		"AccelMethod" "uxa"
Option 		"EXAOptimizeMigration" "true"
Option 		"MigrationHeuristic" "greedy"
Option "Tiling" "false"

has anyone had a similar problem? i'll let you know if i find a solution

Rob Smith, 2009/06/05 15:57

Christian, I have seen weird things like this when upgrading distros. The preferred path is always a clean install. Have you tried that? If not, back off your data to a USB hard drive and try installing fresh. Also, did you try running Jaunty live before you did the install? Good luck.

Reinaldo Bravo, 2009/06/04 21:47

I have downloaded Kubuntu 9.04 Most things work except for the volume buttons at the top of the keyboard. They worked at the beginning and I don't know why they suddenly stopped working.

Rumen, 2009/03/16 08:13

on mine machine doesn't work the network at all. With Kubuntu 8.04 it doesn't recognize the wifi, in 8.10 the same. in 9.04 wifi is shown (it is ralink and it has support in kernel 2.6.28), but … when I start the network manager I scan the network and I see all wireless connections. I hit some of them - try to connect and ….. connection on network interface ra0 failed ….
eth0 is not connecting too with same error (WTF) …
If somebody have idea how to solve this issue lets try
P.S. ifconfig is OK, iwconfig - I see the wifi is OK, iwlist ra0 scan - I see the active connections, dhclient - dhspdiscover on ra0 to port 67 interval 4, 10, 20, 8, 11, and 7 with eth0 same - different intervals. and than - No DHSCOFFERS received, No working leases in persistant database - sleeping.

Rob Smith, 2009/03/16 17:33

Rumen, are you running Kubuntu live, or did you actually do an install? Also, have you tried using plain old Ubuntu? I have found better WiFi networking results through the applets that are included with Gnome than with those that are part of the KDE environment. You might also check out #!CrunchBang, a lightweight Ubuntu variant using the Openbox desktop manager.

Rumen, 2009/03/17 22:20

I use Kubuntu 9.04, installed and works perfect …just the network… Ubuntu gave same results

Rob Smith, 2009/03/04 04:20

I just picked up this machine, a 5735-4624. It comes with Vista Home Premium pre-loaded. I booted it on an Ubuntu 8.10 CD that I got with a magazine. It took a bit longer than I expected to boot, especially on a machine w/2GB of RAM. Ubuntu Live booted much faster on my Thinkpad X40 with 1.25GB RAM.

Anyway, with just running from the CD, WiFi worked out of the box (I'm typing this from my local Dunkin' Donuts). I inserted my 2GB Transcend USB stick and it was recognized. I tried to play a WMV movie clip and it asked for updated codecs. I authorized, they were downloaded, and the file played fine in Totem. Next, I played an M3U music playlist that I'd ripped using Asunder on my IBM. It also played normally. Volume control functioned fine. I inserted a 1GB Sandisk SD card into the slot and it was immediately recognized. The scroll function of the trackpad appears to be working. The only thing that I find unusual is that as I'm typing this, I'm getting those red underlines, like spell-check is finding misspelled words. Don't know what that's all about.

I am an experienced Ubuntu user. I've used Ubuntu, Xubuntu, LinuxMINT, #!CrunchBang, and a number of Eee variants (on an Eee 701 4G Surf). I've also had experience with Debian Etch, PCLinuxOS, Mandriva, SuSE, BackTrack 3, and a bit with Fedora, although I cannot credit that experience with how Ubuntu perofrmed live for me. I just put in the CD and booted.

NOTE: With the Ubuntu CD in the drive, IMMEDIATELY start hitting the F12 key on boot!


Rumen, 2009/03/18 21:02

Buddy, if you have a wifi card different than RT2860 it will work. The problem is the wifi card. When i got to buy mine I looked at the specification and I didn't see this peace of shit. I know RT and what pain in the ass it is to be configured. I configured once wifi with RT it is not easy. I have 6 years experiance with Linux and know some things.

ChristianH, 2008/12/26 01:03

Has anyone had the card reader working? … I just can't

bjr, 2008/12/24 20:37

The wireless does not come up with Ubuntu 8.4 , someone suggested taht 8.10 works well, am going to try that.

ubundude, 2008/12/22 15:58

The network problem is solved by installing openSUSE and entering a fix IP address, ok.
However, in my previous question, I was a bit inaccurate: I tried Xubuntu (XFCE) instead of Ubuntu (Gnome). Now, I cannot even load the Ubuntu Live CD (Gnome): after specifying country + keyboard, the CD stops at Loading vmlinuz. Freezes, does not continue.
Hints & tips, anyone?

Next issue: the screen resolution :o)

ubundude, 2008/12/21 12:13

I purchased this Acer 5735z with Vista preinstalled.
But I don't like Vista, so I installed Ubuntu Linux, in dual boot.
Now, in Vista, I have a normal internet connection. But not in Ubuntu or any other distro I tried.
In Linux as a virtual machine under Vista, I do have an internet connection.
What's wrong with my Linux?

Bill Giannikos, 2008/12/22 06:25

You're going to have to provide some more information than this. What doesn't work, the wireless or the wired? What sort of error massage do you get?

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