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Asus Eee PC 1001PX


This is a compatibility guide to running Linux with the Asus Eee PC 1001PX laptop.

This page is just for discussing using Linux on the Asus Eee PC 1001PX. For a general discussion about this laptop you can visit the Asus Eee PC 1001PX page on LapWik.

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For full specifications see the Asus Eee PC 1001PX specifications page.

NameAsus Eee PC 1001PX
ProcessorIntel® Atom™ N450
Screen10.1“ WSVGA
RAMUp to 2GB
HDDup to 250GB
Optical DriveNone
GraphicsIntel Graphics Media Accelerator 3150
Network10/100/1000 Ethernet

Linux Compatibility

WirelessOOTBFrom Linux kernel 2.6.34
BluetoothNot Tested
ModemNot Tested
Card ReaderOOTB


Using Ubuntu Netbook 10.04 Lucid. Loaded from a 2g USB stick.
Ndiswrapper with the XP NE785H driver for atheros azurewave works to get the wlan working
Wireless is fully supported as of Linux kernel 2.6.34, if you're using Ubuntu 10.04 instructions to upgrade your kernel can be found here

Fedora 13

Installed Fedora 13 Desktop Edition (GNOME) 64bit on my Asus Eee PC Seashell 1001PX. Everything working like a charm out of the box. GURB is dual booting Fedora as well as Windows 7. Fedora takes more time to book than windows 7 but after login, Windows 7 takes hell lot of time to be usable . Probably for startup of anti virus and other things. So power-on to Use time is almost same for both the OSs .

No issue with Ethernet , Display , Wi-fi, Sound-card & Power management configuration . Fedora automatically detected everything. I am delighted :-)

Ubuntu 10.04 Netboom Remix

Tried Ubuntu 10.04 netbook Remix i386 on my Asus Eee PC Seashell 1001PX. I have installed it on a USB drive and used that USB drive to bootup the netbook. Wi-fi apater was not detected and I have not tried any further manual config as I did not have sufficient space on the UBS key for persistent change. All other hardware worked fine. The no show of Wi-Fi killed my interest to install Ubuntu on hard disk as of now .


I am editing this page with my eee 1001px.


Remco Siderius, 2013/10/27 08:01

Running 32-bits Aptosid (XFCE) for some years now on it. Never had a kernel panic. Am on kernel 3.11 now. Everything worked right out of the box. No extra drivers needed. Webcam works exelent. Bluetooth is OK, I use Blueproximity without any problems. Wireless no problem, wired no problem… Only small screen (hight) is sometimes a pain. I use Compiz desktop compositing + Cairo Dock (GLX) and even that runs fairly well. I have 2 GB ram in it.

Scooter_McGooter, 2012/12/24 23:38

Fedora 64-bit on an eee asus netbook?, the eee asus netbook is a 32 bit machine. so , I be confused.

You must have installed 32 bit fedora.
SARodrigues, 2013/02/15 22:39

What are you talking about? It has an Intel® Atom™ N450 processor which does have a 64-bit instruction set.
Take a look here

vinnie, 2012/11/21 17:12

tried ubuntu 12.04 on my eee pc 1001. Apart from the first boot, I could not boot ubuntu again. Would freeze on immediately. When it booted it seemed way to slow, a lot slower than xp. Also a small error in the layout of the Italian keyboard (@ in the wrong position). HAd to disinstall.

razu, 2012/03/09 05:43

can u please told me how can i use my EeePC 1001PX webcam.Because of i have no driver software to install webcam.can u send me the link to download webcam software.It's an emergency.

Travis, 2012/03/07 20:02

I have not been able to get the built in webcam to work under 11.10, but an external webcam works fine.

Another issue I have noticed is that turning on the num lock works fine but turning it off causes the keys to use the directional keys one would normally find on a 104 keyboard. I have tried one of the nightly builds of the next version and the numlock is fixed there.

Sarab, 2011/08/19 22:55

I have ASUS eee pc 1001px with windows 7 starter and I seems to unable to boot using USB any help is greatly appreciated as am trying to install ubuntu on it…

Sarab, 2011/08/19 22:55

I have ASUS eee pc 1001px with windows 7 starter and I seems to unable to boot using USB any help is greatly appreciated as am trying to install ubuntu on it…

Kevin C., 2011/07/12 06:31

Installed Ubuntu 11.04 natty narwhal. WiFi and everything else works perfect out of the box. Even the touch pad has a setting to scroll using two fingers. Highly recommend this distro/version for a 1001px, it's worked flawlessly.

joffre, 2011/07/11 01:59

I bought an eee pc 1001px, it didn't not have a stock OS installed, only the express gate cloud. I would like to install Ubuntu, but when I try to via USB I get: error no USB detected. . .

I was using a 2gb (tested fine on another comp)

My current bios is 0802, any suggestions or ideas on how to install Ubuntu?

Barry, 2011/07/11 07:28

A couple of suggestions.

1) Reformat the stick, use the latest version of unetbootin to create a new copy, and try again.
2) Insert the stick into the netbook, go into the BIOS and under Boot ensure that the stick is the only bootable option.
3) Try a different stick.

Hope one of these works. I can verify that you should be able to boot this netbook with this bios from a usb stick. Have done so many times.

joffre, 2011/07/13 01:28

Thanks for the help.

I reformatted the usb (FAT32), but I realized I needed to use a boot installer. I tried but I kept getting a load error. So I used and it worked just fine. The latest version of Ubuntu 11.04 the wifi worked without a problem. I haven't tested the camera, speakers or mic. Will update

Brando, 2011/06/20 14:54

Installed Ubuntu 11.04 first via Wubi, then re-installed full installation to a dedicated partition from USB and it works flawlessly, wifi included.

Barry, 2011/06/06 14:24

Ubuntu 11.04 with the 2.6.38 kernel appears to have issues with the onboard wireless, causing the netbook to freeze. System does not freeze when wireless is turned off. Possible solutions are turning hardware encryption off or updating the kernel to 2.6.39, neither of which I have tried yet.

Barry, 2011/06/15 14:43

Have updated the Kernel to 2.6.39 by the following method;
1) Open Terminal
2) sudo add-apt-repository ppa:kernel-ppa/ppa
3) sudo apt-get update
4) Close Terminal
5) Run Update Manager
6) Reboot
This has currently resolved all wireless issues with the netbook.
Note: I did have problems with audio where the system would not recognize the audio, and trying to bring up properties resulted in a message saying waiting for sound system to respond. This turned out to be corrupted settings in the .pulse folder, possibly as a result of updating the kernel. Deleting the .pulse folder from the user profile and rebooting resolved the issue.

Barry, 2011/06/22 10:56

This issue may now be resolved by the latest update to r2800 series wi-fi adaptor drivers in the stable build of Ubuntu. Unable to verify at this time.

Anon, 2011/02/01 10:39

Available from BigW for $269 inc GST inc shipping until 7th Feb '11

ken, 2011/02/07 00:40

i got 1!

Irpsit, 2010/12/15 13:28

Now installed a fresh Ubuntu 10.10 and wireless works out of the box, perfectly.
But microphone still does not work..

Travis, 2012/03/07 19:57

My microphone seems to work fine under 11.10. I say seems to, I haven't used it, but in the audio settings it does show up on the meter that it is working.

Omid, 2010/12/03 16:30

No bluetooth was detected? Please help meeeeeeeeeeeee!

Barry, 2011/02/07 15:36

Your system may not include bluetooth hardware. I suggest you press F2 during POST and look for references to bluetooth in the BIOS. If your model does have bluetooth you may be able to turn it on from there.

Irpsit, 2010/12/02 22:31

This solution worked for me (for the microphone):

Remove pulseaudio:
sudo apt-get remove –purge pulseaudio

Install alsamixer:
apt-get install alsamixer

Go to the new alsamixer volume control (applications, sound and video, mixer). Look for entry or capture, and set your microphone to digital and turn one channel down (0%), one channel up (100%).

This has worked for me. You can use the microphone to record your voice or skype. The only thing it didn't work was that I lost the volume tray.

For the wireless I dont remember what I did, but you can find the solution in most foruns.

Lester Cheung, 2010/10/14 13:53

Upgraded from Ubuntu 10.4 to 10.10 without problem. Still booting with acpi_osi=Linux. Will eventually get around to reboot and test without it. Oh wireless kill switch is not working. It's always on.

Barry, 2011/03/19 11:00

Verified that 10.10 (checked on 19th March 2011) allows hotkeys to work without the acpi_osi=Linux line. This includes the wireless kill switch and the brightness levels.

Pierre, 2010/09/14 21:01

microphone doesn't work with distros i tried out, (last mandriva, slackware, archlinux).

And i have some problems with the acpi, when the light is at 100%, the light is not really good. The most good light is at 20%…

Otherwise everything's working OFTB. i just had to write the option for the sound in /etc/modprobe.conf options snd-hda-intel model=lifebook but it doesn't fix the microphone issue…

B Mathias Johansson, 2010/08/21 12:52

Works from kernel 2.6.32-24

Chris, 2010/08/24 22:59

wireless works out of the box with 2.6.32-21 kernel. however, the volume control Fn keys does not work for me. I'm using xubuntu 10.04

Otus, 2010/08/18 18:02

Ubuntu 10.04.1 (testing):

Needed the 2.6.35 kernel (lts-maverick) from Kernel Team PPA to get wireless working.

Touchpad works, but multitouch/gestures not available. Border scroll does work.

Keyboard works fully, including any Fn keys that I've used.

Fan spins faster than in Windows 7, but battery life seems almost as good.

Joris, 2010/08/15 14:34


I just bought the eee pc 1001PX and immediately installed ubuntu 10.04 netbook remix on it and I'm really not satisfied with the result …

- it's not the most recent kernel, which makes that your wifi and sound and Fn-buttons don't work correctly
- my webcam isn't recognized and there is no enable/disable function for the webcam in the bios
- the eeepc acpi utilities don't work with this type of eee pc
- the multitouch doesn't work
- last: battery life!! my battery can be used only for a thirth of it's lifetime under normal use in XP !!!!!!!!!! really scandalous ..

this is really not fun

Joris, 2010/10/14 13:57

The webcam appeared to be DOA :), it's fixed and working now

Habrok, 2010/08/09 21:45

I had some trouble with the headphone jack - when plugging in the headphones the speakers would turn off, but I got no sound in the headphones.
However, after following the instructions found at , I got it to work the way it should. Based on my experience, the line to add to alsa-base.conf is “options snd-hda-intel model=lifebook” (I've tried all the other alternatives as well, but none of them worked).

BTW I'm running Ubuntu 10.4 Netbook.

mr.key, 2010/09/30 22:19

thanks for advice my headphones is working now, but since i fixed this problem then it screwed up internal microphone which i made it to work with pavucontrol.any ideas how to make it work both

tmp, 2010/07/22 22:12

could you please post a link to your wlan driver you used with ndiswrapper?
would be nice, because i cant find it, or im not shure
if its the right driver i found…
thanks a lot :-)

Morgan, 2010/07/10 08:19

Ubuntu 10.04 everything bar the Wifi worked, I followed the guide here to upgrade the Kernel and wifi worked straight away.

Sayan, 2010/07/02 17:04

Installed Fedora 13 X86_64 . everything worked perfectly :-)
tried Ubuntu 10.4 remix 32bit version. It did not detect the Wi-fi adapter :-(

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