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BenQ Joybook Lite U101


This is a compatibility guide to running Linux with the BenQ Joybook Lite U101 laptop.

This page is just for discussing using Linux on the BenQ Joybook Lite U101. For a general discussion about this laptop you can visit the BenQ Joybook Lite U101 page on LapWik.

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For full specifications see the BenQ Joybook Lite U101 specifications page.

NameBenQ Joybook Lite U101
ProcessorIntel® Atom™ Processor N270 1.6Ghz
Screen10.1“ WSVGA Widescreen
Optical DriveNone
GraphicsIntel® GMA 950
Network10/100 Ethernet
802.11 b/g

Linux Compatibility

BluetoothNot Tested
ModemNot Tested
Card ReaderNot Tested


Nothing of interest to note, laptop works well.


The BenQ Joybook Lite U101 works just fine with Linux.


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Cloud5trike, 2010/05/01 01:35

I have a joybook U102, seem like everything work well on it except wireless T_T and I cannot find linux wireless driver, can anyone help me ?

Gustavo, 2010/04/23 21:16

I have problem with the video using live USB with Ubuntu 9.10.
The same pen-drive worked well checking and installing the Ubuntu 9.10 in a HP Mini 110.1140la.

Now, I want to check functioning and Installing it in my JoyBook U101c.

I can boot from the Live USB, then I can select the language (spanish) then I choose graphical safe mode and then…start!!!

There is a miss-sincronisation between the video and the graphic card.

How I can change the video mode before loading the ubuntu?

Thank's a lot!!


Jean, 2010/02/02 05:41

Hi, I have been running Fedora 11 and Fedora 12 on a Benq Joybook Lite 101c for quite a while now.

Specs: Intel Atom 1.6ghz, 2Gb Ram, 150Gb Hdd

Fedora 11, with KDE, all worked perfectly, Webcam, Internal Microphone etc.

Fedora 12, with KDE / Gnome :
In general it works, but with following small, but often irritating problems:
1) The internal microphone does not seem to work, or I can not get it to work. I have 10+ years experience with linux/unix based computers as an AMATEUR HOBBYIST and some in the work environment, but this baffles me as the sound is working perfectly. as well as a external headset connected to the mic input works fine … :) Maybe just a bug that will be fixed in future updates, afterall they had it working in Fedora 11 !

2) Screen refresh rate: Sometimes the screen sort of hangs in a certain region, like menu area or on the desktop folder. I think is has something to do with the plasma workspace or something.

3) Ext4 Fs: Performance seems to get slower and slower over time. The file system is not fragmented, so i dont know. Ext3 still seems little better to me as far as speed is concerned, but for now I am sticking with Ext4 on Fedora12 and will see what happens..

I have also tried OpenSolaris on the machine, but to be honest, I am dissapointed with hardware support, as well as codecs. The built in Codeina codec updater, according to me, at least, is a way to extract money. Prices of as high as 22euro per codec !!!! Opensource should be free and free in both contects. Afterall if we wanted payware we would have stuck with Windows XXXXX.

Overall very good machine, fast and responsive, as well as light and easy to transport.

zaved, 2009/10/09 05:41

Well, hello Gustavo
I've installed ubuntu 8.04 in my netbook. It works more than great. It should work fine for U101c also. Best of luck.

Gustavo, 2009/10/03 22:46

Hello evebody, like zaved I need to choice what linux I'll use in my U101C.

Besides that, I want to contact other owners to share experiences.

Spanish spoken, sorry about my english.

zaved, 2009/08/15 08:00

hello everybody
I have Benq U101 lite joybook. i want to install linux in it. but my question is if i install ubuntu or fedora or centos in it , will I able to find the drivers for it. like drivers for webcam, graphics card,bluetooth, cardreader…etc. please let me know ….I hate Windows XP

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