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urama, 2016/11/20 21:35

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saya, 2016/06/05 14:17

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Sandy, 2011/10/04 13:14

How do you change from portrait to landscape view on the Dell E5400?

Sandy, 2011/10/04 13:26

Found the answer myself!!
Ctl+Alt+ up arrow key

The Ratchet, 2009/11/12 16:44

I have a dell latitude e5400 and I installed WoW ya Im a geek lol… but I assume the video card isnt good enough it just shows like red and green and another color. I shows the bottom bars and everything but it wont display anyhting but one huge color. Any ideas.

Stoy On, 2009/09/26 17:34

My laptop works fine with Ubuntu 9.04, there is just one problem, when ever X shuts down (in example, if I am shutting down my laptop, there is a brief moment when X is down, and there is only text on the screen, before the progress bar kicks in, the screen flickers madly) I hope the this issue will be resolved either when Ubuntu 9.10 is released or if I change distro, I have tried the latest Arch, it worked fine, but with Ubuntu is just flickers. However During boot the screen works fine through BIOS and GRUB, so I do not think it is a lose connector.

I am thinking of switching to Fedora of openSUSE.

ron, 2009/09/17 00:45

ive installed fedora 11 on my laptop and cannot get the wireless to work (new to linux) can someone help me

Geert, 2009/08/29 10:09

Apparantly openSUSE got some updates for the wireless drivers: it now supports the BCM 4312 out of the box. You can use it as a native wireless driver, e.g. you can use the Network Manager and you don't have to hassle with ndiswrapper or wicd. :)

Guido, 2009/06/27 14:17

I've written something more detaied about the E5400 on Gentoo:

masavini, 2009/03/04 23:54

hi, great guide… many thanks…
just one problem of very low audio. i've upgraded from alsa 1.0.17 to 1.0.19, but the problem persists. how to check if i'm still using the 1.0.17 version?

Angie, 2008/12/13 09:40

i am haveing some trouble with sound on my laptop and i am not to sure where to go with it. i was wondering if some one on here can help me… i can get sound and i can hear everything but you have to really listen to hear it. at full sound it's still rather hard to hear it. I am in college at itt tech and i do presentations and previews on my laptop and no one in class can hear anything. if anyone has any advise let me know

Wee Aldo, 2008/10/10 10:20

Dell Latitude E5400

Ubuntu 8.04 installed near perfectly,only issue was the Broadcom Network controller: Broadcom Corporation BCM4312 802.11b/g (rev 01) which eventually installed with ndiswrapper without problems (from an Ubuntu how-to) and so far seems stable. But might only support WEP, still cannot connect with WPA

Gilbert Mendoza, 2009/02/17 14:11

I was finally able to connect to a WPA network with the BCM 4312 wireless card, but only with the wicd network configuration utility (which replaces network manager). The SSID also had to be broadcasted, as it would not connect when they were hidden. Boo.

ndiswrapper gave me the same results, although I did not test with wicd so I don't know if it will actually work.

DIstro - Ubuntu 8.10
kernel - 2.6.27-11-generic
Module - wl

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