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Dell Vostro 1000


This is a guide to running Linux with the Dell Vostro 1000 laptop.

This guide is intended to provide you details on how well this laptop works with Linux and which modules you need to configure. For details on how to actually install and configure the required modules have a look at our guides section for distribution specific instructions.

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NameDell Vostro 1000
ProcessorAMD Turion 64 X2 TL-60 2GHz
Screen15.4“ WXGA Widescreen
Optical DriveNone
GraphicsATI Radeon Xpress 1150
NetworkEthernet, Dell 1390 (Broadcom) 802.11bg

Linux Compatibility

Optical DriveYes
56K ModemNot Tested
Card ReaderYes
ExpressCard SlotNot Tested


The ATI Radeon Xpress 1150 is not properly supported by Xorg yet so you will need to install the proprietary ATI driver to get a properly functioning display. Support for the 1150 was only recently added to the ATI driver so even if your distribution of choice includes this driver it may not be new enough to support the 1150.

The Broadcom based Dell 1390 wireless controller does not function properly yet with the open source modules available for it so you will need to install ndiswrapper. You can get the required Windows drivers from here.

For best hardware support you should get a Linux distribution which uses kernel version 2.6.22 or higher.


The Dell Vostro 1000 is not the best laptop for Linux because of the need to use ndiswrapper and the proprietary ATI modules.


Headbanger, 2013/09/18 12:29

Updated informations:

Wifi is easily configurable in Debian using broadcom b43 module.


Installation guide for Debian (in portuguese):

But the ATI Graphics is a huge issue. Doesn't work well.
Free drivers or proprietary drivers, nothing works well.
I thinks this card model isn't supported by none of the drivers.

Arthur j. Brumfield, 2011/04/16 16:30

I would like to load a unix or linux on my Dell Vostro 1000.
What loades are the best? Just starting to change. Tired of bugs and reloads..

., 2012/01/05 17:33

Debian stable.

AmpLiF1eR, 2010/08/10 21:02

At this time of writing, I can confirm that Sabayonlinux (KDE x64) has wireless support for the Vostro 1000 and also the 3d effects work out of the box, from the Live DVD!

Andreas, 2009/12/21 14:38

My dell vostro 1000 works ok now with Ubuntu 9.10. I don't use wireless, however.
One issue that persists, is vertical colorful lines when shutting down the system, instead of the ubuntu logo. Anyone who experiences this aswell (or had before)?

sud, 2009/08/23 09:09

what's thde driver for card reader on dell vostro 1000

Francois, 2009/04/06 15:48

I have a slightly different Vostro 1000:
Wifi Dell 1395

The first Linux CD-live that worked without any manual configuring was Linux Mint 6 x64

Cameron Rome, 2009/02/23 20:07

I installed Ubuntu for my dell vostro 1000 and spent what felt like weeks on end trying to connect to a wireless network, i couldn't find anything and i think now that after the download for the driver has finished downloading, well i at least hope it works because what i have seen of linux is very impressive, it's just the switch from windows to linux that I'm struggling with, the next task after i have the network dealt with is transferring all of my windows files to linux, which, to be honest, I'm not looking forward too, but thanks for all the information and the links to the drivers that i needed =D

Newie_ubuntu, 2008/10/18 13:07

Ati Driver

Which one driver must be installed???, because i tried to install the Xpress1250 and dont work at all. i have the Xpress 1150 but this driver is not provided by ATI.
i have the Vostro 1000 with the same features mentioned before

I am a new ubuntu user!!

please exced your responses

Jules, 2008/10/20 13:21

Xpress1250 works fine. Make sure you run the file as root. Here's the commands you need, assuming you downloaded the file '' to your Desktop

sudo -s
cd Desktop
chmod +x
Axel, 2008/09/14 06:25

Thank you a lot Frederick

It' works, just go to Synaptic Package and search for B43, and automatically will appear just B43-fwcutter, just download it, once downloaded it will run and you just got to add a check toe the fetch stuff hehe, and press ok and voila there you go wireless card will work, if don't just make sure that in your network setup Roaming Mode is not activate, just disable it and in just some seconds it will work, but maybe the roaming mode wasn't the reason i'm just saying.

timds, 2008/08/17 14:04

Vostro with Fedora

I installed Fedora 8 on my Vostro, and had to to a bit of manual configuring to get the wireless to work. It worked fine, but whenever the kernel got updated , the wireless would stop working, and i had to revert to the older kernel version. I found out later that this happened when I updated the kernel when logged on as another user than root; updating it when logged in as root all worked well.

A bigger problem was that i removed my home wireless network from my list of networks (don't remember why), and afterwards I could see the network, but could not connect ; it kept prompting me for the password, which i definitely was entering correct…

in the end i gave up juggling the wireless connection and went back to windows - which is actually worse because it crashes often - but it's better than not being able to connect to my home wifi network …

VJK, 2008/06/06 21:05

Still trying

Once I installed the Ubuntu Hardy on it. Very good. ATI driver and all required codecs and it has found itself, but when the core was updated, some problems with network hardware appeared. I'm not so skilled in manual configuring. I've tried openSUSE 10,3. I also had to install ATI driver myself. …Ubuntu seemed to be faster… (excuse my English, I'm not native-speaker)

seipherdj, 2008/03/22 11:41

Work Laptop

Ive been using this laptop with debian lenny(KDE) for about 3 months. Everything works , but some issues around flaky wireless connections, compiz-fusion with the fglrx module and screen tearing,artifacts,crashes when closing out of konquer and xscreensaver. Have made me want to not ever touch an AMD and ATI based laptop again.

Frederic, 2008/03/15 13:49

Wireless works without ndiswrapper
by Frederic, Saturday 15 March 2008 09:49:11
Wireless support for broadcom cards now available through b43 and b43-fwcutter packages

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