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Dell XPS M1730


This is a guide to running Linux with the Dell XPS M1730 laptop.

This guide is intended to provide you details on how well this laptop works with Linux and which modules you need to configure. For details on how to actually install and configure the required modules have a look at our guides section for distribution specific instructions.

This page is just for discussing using Linux on the Dell XPS M1730. For a general discussion about this laptop you can visit the Dell XPS M1730 page on LapWik.

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For full specifications see the Dell XPS M1730 specifications page.

NameDell XPS M1730
ProcessorIntel Core 2 Duo T8300 2.4Ghz
Screen17“ WUXGA Widescreen
Optical DriveDVD+-RW
GraphicsNVIDIA Geforce 8700M
NetworkEthernet, Intel 4965 802.11abgn, Bluetooth

Linux Compatibility

Optical DriveYes
Card ReaderNot Tested
ExpressCard SlotNot Tested



Many Linux distributions do not support the Geforce 8700M in the XPS M1730 as standard so you may need to install the proprietary NVIDIA modules. Instructions on doing this can be found in the guides section of this site. No matter which distribution you use, the proprietary modules are needed for 3D support.


Some versions of this laptop include the Dell Wireless 1395 and 1505 wireless controller. These are Broadcom based controllers which should be avoided as they are not properly supported under Linux. The Intel solution is by far the better option.

You can also get this laptop with the Intel 3945 wireless controller. Although untested, it is almost certain this will work just fine on Linux.


The webcam is supported by the Linux UVC project. Some distributions, such as Ubuntu 8.04, include this as standard but others you may need to install manually. See our guides section here for details.


So long as you have a Intel wireless controller in the Dell XPS M1730 you shouldn't have any problems using this laptop with Linux.


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Ricky, 2015/02/26 12:53


Miles, 2009/08/17 10:47

has anyone had any sucess installing the 1-click drivers on a dual 8700m SLI XPS 1730? I've tried on mine but ended up with an unresponsive machine. I couldn't even use kb shortcuts to get to a text terminal and log in that way…

Ieuan Casey, 2009/04/19 23:30

I recently tried installing Ubuntu 8.10 x64 on my M1730, following the instructions given on this site. I am trying to run a dual boot with Windows Vista Ultimate, and so after creating the boot disk, selected the option “Install inside Windows” and everything installed fine and I rebooted. However, when I then try and boot Ubintu (in all modes, normal, safe GUI etc), it just loads “BusyBox v1.10.2 (Ubuntu 1:1.10.2-1ubuntu6) built-in shell (ash)” after showing the loading bar for a few seconds. does anyone have any ideas on this? Any help would be greatly appreciated :-)

Jonathan Smith, 2009/05/01 04:20

Ieuan give up on vista it a joke on the M1730.
I have downgraded to XP and run linux in a separate partition on my first hdd.
I have the downgrade cd from Dell.
Dell in the US are still building with XP!
Don't try and get the Sound Blaster Advanced MB software to work under XP (Creative Support suck at supporting this product).

1) Backup your data to your 2nd hdd (or fit one very easy to do).
2) Dell support will send you the Downgrade XP cd if you ask nicely.
If not email me and I will send a copy to You. (
3) Install XP and Partition\format your HDD so that you have a C: for XP and the remander of the HDD for Linux, you can then boot between Linux and Windows as you choose!.

I work in Linux and game in Windows!

This will solve your issues with linux as it is running in its own file system not in a file in windows file system.

Jonathan Smith, 2009/04/07 06:01

I have installed both Ubuntu 8.10 x64 and SUSE 11.1 x64 on my M1730 using Nvidia drivers from nvidia website.

Suse is more stable than ubuntu on this system and works 24\7 better than having Vista x32 or x64 installed!

I run Windows XP Pro 32 and 64 bit windows running in a Sun xVM VirtualBox VM's for work and this runs XP faster than being installed on the local HDD of this computer.

Jonathan Smith
April 2009

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