Fujitsu Amilo Pi2540


This is a compatibility guide to running Linux with the Fujitsu-Siemens Amilo Pi2540 laptop.

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NameFujitsu Amilo Pi2540
ProcessorIntel Pentium Dual-Core T2370 @ 1.73 GHz (also seems to come with different, similar processors)
Screen15,6“ 1280×800 (WXGA)
RAM1024 MB DDR2 667MHz
HDD250GB 5400rpm SATA-150 HDD
Optical DriveTSST TS-L632H DVD burner with double layer support
GraphicsAMD Mobility Radeon HD2400
Network10/100 Mbps LAN, Wireless, 56K V.92 fax modem)

Linux Compatibility

ScreenYesBrightness adjustment needs a relatively new kernel (3.11 works, a bit older might work too)
HDDNot TestedUsed a Samsung SSD 840 on the SATA-150 connection, works fine (at SATA-150 speed of course)
Optical DriveYes
Graphics ChipYesSee notes
VGA OutYes
DVI PortYesDVI-D, so a DVI-to-VGA adapter won't work
Built-in MicrophoneNot Tested
Headphone JackYesAlso seems to support SPDIF out
Microphone JackNot TestedMicrophone jack is also a line-in jack
WirelessNot TestedUsed a Atheros AR5007EG instead
ModemNot TestedDoesn't appear in lspci
Card ReaderYes
ExpressCard SlotNot Tested
WebcamNoDidn't test extensively
Touch PadYes


This laptop was tested with Debian 7 “wheezy” and Ubuntu 12.04 LTS. Prior to installing, the BIOS was updated to version 1.15. The fan in the laptop somehow seems to be connected to the graphics chip. Without proper dynamic power management for the radeon graphics, the fan will spin at full speed after some time.
For both aforementioned distributions, a few changes were needed in order to make the fan quiet:
- an upgrade to at least kernel 3.11.x
- the kernel needs to boot with the parameter “radeon.dpm=1” in GRUB
- an upgrade of the linux-firmware packages (I used version 0.40 from unstable, but the ones from wheezy-backport should work too)
This will enable the new dynamic power management for the open-source radeon driver. Without these steps, changing the brightness of the screen with the Fn keys will cause a kernel panic and the fan will either be off or on at full speed.

These changes should no longer be necessary with newer distributions shipping with kernel 3.13 or higher. If you can get the closed-source fglrx drivers to work, then the fan should go quiet too, but I didn't bother with those.


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