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HP-Compaq 610


Are you an engineer, middle manager or student looking for an average priced but better then average features note book? Do you like Windows XP more then Windows Vista as second operating system on your note book? Do you need a resolution of 1366×768 pixel on 15.5 inch but you dislike a heavy note book? The Compay 610 was tested with Fedora 11, which turned out to be completely flawless, Novell/Suse OpenSuse 11.1 and SLES10 SP2. Weight with batteries is 5.2 pound or 2.35kg.

This page is just for discussing using Linux on the HP-Compaq 610. For a general discussion about this laptop you can visit the HP-Compaq 610 page on LapWik.

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For full specifications see the HP-Compaq 610 specifications page.

NameHP-Compaq 610
ProcessorIntel® Core™ 2 Duo Processor T5870 (2.00 GHz, 2 MB L2 cache, 800 MHz FSB)
Intel® Celeron® Dual-Core Processor T1500 (1.86 GHz, 512 KB L2 cache, 533 MHz FSB)
Screen15.6\“ (1366×768) Widescreen
RAMUp to 4GB
HDD160GB to 250GB
Optical DriveDVD+-RW
GraphicsIntel® Graphics Media Accelerator X3100
Network10/100 Ethernet
Intel PRO/Wireless 802.11a/b/g
Broadcom 802.11b/g

Linux Compatibility

Processorworks with Opensuse 11.1
Screenworks with Opensuse 11.1
HDDworks with Opensuse 11.1
Optical Driveworks with Opensuse 11.1
Graphicsworks with Opensuse 11.1
Soundworks with Opensuse 11.1
Ethernetworks with Opensuse 11.1
Wirelessworks with Opensuse 11.1
USBworks with Opensuse 11.1
Card ReaderNot Tested
ExpressCard SlotNot Tested
WebcamNot Tested

Absolutely everything works on Fedora 11, including the wireless card, webcam, microphone, etc. Debian-based distros like Ubuntu, Mint and Debian itself don't seem to work too well on the Compaq 610, as there are sound issues and such.


Sound chip IDT 92HD75B is not yet supported by ALSA. Fix the no sound problem with adding the line “options snd-hda-intel model=dell-m4-1” to file /etc/modprobe.d/sound (/etc/modprobe.d/alsa-base.conf on Ubuntu). Some older Linux version like Novell/Suse SLES10 SP2 do not support the Marvell Yukon LAN chip.


The 610 is a nice laptop computer, which runs Linux just fine, Fedora 11 has particularly good compatibility (if you have tried other distros please add your experience here). The computer's got a killer battery and can be made to last up to 3 and a half hours (altho' the manufacturer says 4). Nice non-glare display, lightweight, the only thing I can think of that could be improved is that it doesn't have a suspend or a reset button. More than worth it's price.


Hiru, 2012/01/21 14:47

i have tried many distros. But the only problem is it just hangs on when shutting down for like 1 minute. Can anybody suggest the best distro for this and what can i do for that hanging problem?? Currently using openSUSE 12.1

Kiran, 2012/01/29 05:15

The latest version of Ubuntu is doing just fine. Right now I am using it with no problem at all.

Arjen, 2012/05/25 23:33

I'm using Ubuntu 12.04 LTS (5 years support), works great, no hardware problems

kelvin, 2012/01/08 18:56

anybody figured how to enable virtulization?

JPS Bhullar, 2011/12/10 00:59

I have just installed Fedora 16 on my Compaq 610 laptop. Its having 4 gb RAM. Only problem I am facing is that MousePad drivers are not there. Double click from MousePad is not working. Whereas I have to use Buttons for left double click. Any solutions?

santosh, 2012/08/22 15:39

just update the os then i hope it ll work dudeBold Text

MODA, 2011/11/18 22:13


will, 2011/11/27 05:04

Yes, opensuse 12.1 work well

vishal baghel, 2011/10/07 16:44

I want to know that is Compaq 610 is compatible with 5.0 sound speakers
Is their any option for to make in 5.0

Vonlist, 2011/07/22 18:19

Well, now the laptop have a very good support in the most used distros. the unic problem is the low duration battery with 2.6.38 kernel :/ the patch to solve this just add some minutes to duration, but nothing awesome.

Waisy, 2011/05/27 11:27

Hie Everyone
i Just installed Ubuntu 10.10 on my Compaq 610 and i'm amazed. Graphics is wonderful. Sound wasn't working but not until i had updated it. Challenging i am facing is to do with wireless, Bluetooth and webcam. These are the core functions..other than that Ubuntu 10 is absolutley fun to work with.

Hiru, 2011/03/03 13:39

PPl, I tried pardus linux 2011. It's working fine, but it cannot connect to my home wireless network. Driver is installed and all is perfect except that. I cannot do my work without internet. So I reinstalled Ubuntu 10.10. It's works like a charm without any trouble. Only problem it just hangs at the shutdown.

Arjen, 2011/02/20 09:00

Hi everybody, now i'm using Pardus Linux 2011(64 bit) on my Compaq 610 laptop (Works Great), I think it's more users friendly then Ubuntu 10.04 Lts(64 bit).

Goca, 2011/02/26 20:03

hi, I have laptop hq compaq 610 and I have a little problam. left botton mouse is stuck down. do you have any solution except servis? Any?:)

samabababa, 2011/02/27 10:42

same thing happen to me, I had to go and claim warranty, they took more than 3weeks to get me back my laptop. And you better not use your touch pad much.

Hiru, 2011/02/28 13:58

@Arjen -
Is realtek 8191SE wireless card works fine with Pardus Linux?
And how about the shutting down problem? Does it shutdown well without hanging up?

Hiru, 2011/02/20 03:12

Compaq 610 works fine with both Ubuntu 10.10 and 10.04. But the problem occurs at the shutdown process. It just hangs around 40sec before getting shutdown. This is the only problem I had with Ubuntu.
openSUSE 11.3 is a total mess. Its not working properly at all. No wifi, no good graphic and also the system runs rather slowly.
Someone know better OS rather Ubuntu without any problem??

Pankaj, 2011/01/03 06:32

hi friends i m using RHEL 5 on my compaq 610.
its working good bt some feature like sound webcam microfone wi-fi, not working.
if u know fom where i can download drivers please e-mail me…

amila, 2011/01/03 17:37


make install

you might need to install new kernel-sources , etc

Vonlist, 2010/09/26 09:38

It works fine in Fedora 13 and Ubuntu 10.04
All drivers included.

choolake, 2010/09/01 08:29

can anyone please help me to find webcam driver package for compaq 610 !!!!!!!!!!

Arjen, 2010/07/16 15:26

I can't seem to get more than 2GB of memory working in my compaq 610, according to the specifications it should be max 4GB. Is there anybody that got 4GB of memory working?

Phanendra, 2010/07/12 11:45

Does Compaq 610 supports RHEL 5?

Phanendra, 2010/07/12 11:44

Does Compaq 610 supports RHEL 5?

Arjen, 2010/07/02 23:17

Hi everybody, i have also a HP Compaq 610 and i installed Ubuntu 10.04 Lts (64 bit) on it and it works perfect.

publito, 2010/07/25 14:46

i use Xubuntu Unfortunately the bluetooth device does not work .. fore says that this is non-existent

Jagan, 2010/05/18 09:52

Recently i have purchased HP cq610 sd and wifi is not at all detecting. please help me to configure wifi in my laptop

amila, 2010/05/18 11:37

which os, are you using?

amila, 2010/07/03 14:25

go to,

and download the driver rtl8192se

read this readme.txt to install it.

Arjen, 2010/07/03 15:45

We still don't know what linux version you use, but the latest support a lot more hardware. Like i already said, that i use Ubuntu 10.04 Lts (64 bit).

Daniel, 2010/05/12 18:31

Just installed Gentoo, works flawlessly!

amila, 2010/05/01 11:07

Im trying to install debian lenny 5.0 on this 610.

wifi not detected
webcam not detected
graphics ok but not excellent.

rest is ok

amila, 2010/05/02 05:57

webcam is working after some updates.

still the wifi thing is not working


amlan, 2010/03/12 08:25

can one enhance the graphics quality for compaq 610 FD laptop? how?

roshan, 2010/03/11 13:20

it has overheating problem…. but otherwise a good one…

Timo, 2010/03/02 09:46

does anyone have any issues with the mouse buttons? do they press down at an angle? do they seem flimsy? cheap?

G. Prakash, 2010/02/08 05:50

I installed mint 7 linux. how to install php in my laptop. sound is not supported by mint 7 linux. Please tell how install sound in my laptop. how to get the sound package for that mint linux (os).

VonlisT, 2010/02/17 17:38

In a terminal put: cat /proc/asound/version
With this you get the alsa version, if you has the 1.0.20 version i dont have idea what is the problem. If the version is minor, search how to update to this version.

Krishna, 2010/01/16 20:04

Does RHEL 5 supports video for compaq610?

Bucky, 2010/01/12 11:52

I have sound out of the left speaker only, webcam buggy on Cheese.

The sound fixes I have found haven't worked and I have tried just about everything.

ale, 2010/02/12 22:55

seems this laptop have only left speaker…so nothing to fix

Adrian, 2009/11/22 18:04

riteandritual, I think that they are a lot of “models” of compaq 610. Maybe in your contry sells one type, in my country other, etc…
I'm tired to looking out in blogs for anwers…but without results.
I Hope that new versions of Fedora, Ubuntu, etc works

riteandritual, 2009/11/22 13:53

How is it possible that people have so different experiences installing the same OSs on the same laptops?

I can't get Fedora 12 to even boot - whether live cd (i686), live usb, or install DVD (i386). It seems to get stuck at the “initializing hardware” stage.

I've installed Ubuntu successfully, and the wireless doesn't work - which is the whole point of a laptop imo. And while sound works out the box, webcam doesn't.

I was really looking forward to fedora though… How come it works out the box for you guys, but not me? Are there different types of Compaq 610?

VonlisT, 2009/10/31 19:54

SOLUTION FOR SETUP FEDORA 11 (works on liveCD for ubuntu)
For fedora 11 press tab key and add: i915.modprobe=0
For Ubuntu 9.10 (not recomended to install): press F6 and Esc to exit the modes menu, and after the ”–” add i195.modprobe=0 (…. i915.modprobe=0 –)

Its Work !!
Please, post it if where necessary !

VonlisT, 2009/10/31 18:40

I installed ubuntu 9.10 in this machine and the video is very very slow (i have to much problems to run ubuntu 9.04, the blackscreen at the boot), in ubuntu 9.04 the video were great !. I'm searching how to solve this problem. I will post here the solution.

PS: Sorry for my english :D

Adrian, 2009/10/27 00:04

Could you copy/paste your file /etc/X11/xorg.conf please?

Sergey Sh, 2009/10/12 17:51

I have the laptop of such configuration

display work, compiz too with ubuntu 9.04 out of the box (Forgive for my English) 8-)

In screen properties i've “laptop 15”

gert, 2009/12/10 18:03

To make the screen work at its full resolution of 1366×768 you have to choose Monitor Type –>LCD and then pick the right resolution.

Works well on my machine.

adrian, 2009/10/12 01:44

What do yo do to make the display work?

In screen properties i've “Unknown monitor”

I've tried to configure Xorg but no results

Ole Nielsen, 2009/10/31 06:34

How did you manage to install Ubuntu 9.10 on the HP Compaq 610?
I can't even get an image on the screen. See

Ole Nielsen

Sergey Sh, 2009/10/11 12:48

I've tested this laptop (HP Compaq 610 (NX550EA)) under Ubuntu 9.04
Linux Compatibility

Processor: Works
Screen: Works
Optical Drive: Works
Graphics: Works
Sound: Works after upgrading alsa to 1.0.20 -
Microphone: Works after upgrading:
sudo gedit /etc/modprobe.d/alsa-base.conf
insert to end
options snd-hda-intel model=laptop
sudo gedit /etc/modprobe.d/options
options snd-hda-intel model=laptop
Ethernet: Works
Wireless: Works
Bluetooth: Works
56K Modem: Not tested
USB: Works
Webcam: Works
Suspend: Works
Hibernate: Works
Card Reader: Not tested
ExpressCard: Not tested
Power off: Works

under Ubuntu 9.10 beta microphone and sound works

Ole Nielsen, 2009/10/31 06:36

How did you manage to install Ubuntu 9.10 on the HP Compaq 610?
I can't even get an image on the screen. See

Ole Nielsen

buzon, 2009/10/03 18:27

Sound works in Ubuntu 9.04 only after upgrading alsa to 1.0.20

Display doesn't work in OpenSuse 11.1

Ole Nielsen, 2009/10/31 06:33

How did you manage to install Ubuntu 9.10 on the HP Compaq 610?
I can't even get an image on the screen. See

Ole Nielsen

adrian, 2009/10/31 13:30

I tried to upgrade from 9.04 to 9.10….but black sceen is there…
Maybe with a clean install (formatting) it works, but i heaven't test it yet.
(Forgive for my English) 8-)


adrian, 2009/10/01 18:43

I test my laptop with Fedora 11 & Opensuse 11.1….screen doesn't work….
in Fedora 11, it works at 800×600. In O. Suse (Safe Mode) at 1024×768
Now I've ubuntu 9.04 with 1366×768 but without graphic aceleration…
at least it works, but not ideal.
If anyone knows how can it work, please tell me.

Probe mi notebook con Fedora 11 y con Opensuse 11.1. La pantalla no funcionaba.
En fedora 11, la resolucion era de 800×600 y en O.Suse (Modo Safe) 1024×768 la maxima
Ahora tengo ubuntu 9.04 a 1366×768, pero no funciona la acelaracion grafica…
Por lo menos funciona a la maxima resolucion, pero no es lo ideal.
Si alguno sabe como hacerlo funcionar, por favor lo escucho

Sergey Nizovtsev, 2009/09/13 10:33

I've tested this laptop under Ubuntu 9.04

Linux Compatibility

Processor: Works
Screen: Works
Optical Drive: Works
Graphics: Works
Sound: Works after upgrading alsa to 1.0.20
Ethernet: Works
Wireless: Works
Bluetooth: Works
56K Modem: Not tested
USB: Works
Webcam: Works very buggy with cheese and pidgin
Suspend: Works
Hibernate: Works
Card Reader: wor
ExpressCard: Not tested
Power off doesn't work and some small acpi bugs were found.

Emiliano, 2009/09/09 18:02

display doesn't work in opensuse 11.1

Guillermo, 2009/09/04 22:15

I was installed SUSE 11.0 and I cant see anything at the display, except in a Safe Mode boot.
I was actualized to 11.2 and I have the same problem. The sound is functioning.
Any suggestions? Thanks

andja, 2009/08/29 13:11

all above plus the webcam works with ubuntu 9.04 out of the box.

i only needed to replace the gnome network manager with wicd (find it in google, add to apt sources.list and install from package manager). wicd was not required but it handles wifi cards (and wired connections) much better.

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