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This is a guide to running Linux with the HP Presario C700 laptop.

This guide is intended to provide you details on how well this laptop works with Linux and which modules you need to configure. For details on how to actually install and configure the required modules have a look at our guides section for distribution specific instructions.

This page is just for discussing using Linux on the HP-Compaq Presario C700. For a general discussion about this laptop you can visit the HP-Compaq Presario C700 page on LapWik.

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NameHP Presario C700
ProcessorIntel Celeron-M 550 2.0GHz
Screen15.4\“ WXGA Widescreen
Optical DriveDVD+-RW
GraphicsIntel Graphics Media Accelerator X3100
NetworkEthernet, Atheros 802.11bg

Linux Compatibility

Optical DriveYes
WirelessYesSee notes
56K ModemNot Tested
Card ReaderNot Tested



For best hardware support you will need to use a Linux distribution with kernel 2.6.24 or higher. Fedora 9 and Ubuntu 10.04 are good choices.


The Atheros 802.11bg is supported by the madwifi module. Some Linux distribution, such as Ubuntu 10.04, include this module as standard. Have a look at our guides section for installation details.


The HP-Compaq Presario C700 works well with an up to date Linux distributions which includes the required modules. Ubuntu 10.04 is an excellent choice here.


Trevor Fuller, 2019/08/04 02:10

updated to the latest ver (19….) old old banger. So now to takes a while to boot up, runs fine once up, Wifi and etc fine. Booted much better in 17 and 18. started the process from 10 and up and wifi has been there all the way through, the only thing I noticed with wifi is the dash light dosen't shine blue except when data is transferring.

Trouble in Oz, 2016/08/29 06:43

I've just upgraded my Presario C700 to lubuntu 16.04 and have struck the curse of no wifi.
I do remember struggling with this issue many years ago when I was running Mint.

Interestingly it seems I have two Power buttons under Devices-Input Devices

Trouble in Oz, 2016/08/29 06:42

I've just upgraded my Presario C700 to lubuntu 16.04 and have struck the curse of no wifi.
I do remember struggling with this issue many years ago when I was running Mint.

Interestingly it seems I have two Power buttons under Devices-Input Devices

sumit, 2013/07/23 12:46

i have installed red hat 9 on my compaq preserio c700. i am not able to connect internet or lan.
is its hardware is not supporting?

Pablo Barroso Cubillas, 2013/07/25 13:12

red hat 9 ? That's 10 years old. This hardware didn't even exist !

Try some newer distro !

Pablo Barroso Cubillas, 2013/03/04 11:31

Running Elementary OS Linux 0.2 on Compaq Presario C700 (792em).

Everything working flawlessly:

- Wifi (no ndriswrapper).
- Hibernation.
- Suspend to memory / Hybrid suspension.
- Webcam.
- X.org graphical acceleration (DRI2/UXA), compositing.
- Sound.
- Flash Player, Video (h264, …)

hosam, 2015/01/22 09:26

i Running Elementary OS Linux 0.2 on Compaq Presario C700 like you but i have face some problem here .

- Wifi (no ndriswrapper).
i can't make wifi working , my laptop didn't see any wireless networking
can you device me about any page explain this to me or solve this problem
thanks in advanced

Pablo Barroso Cubillas, 2015/01/23 12:45

Hi Hussam:

I didn't find any problem when installing, and it was long time ago (2 years).

Have you checked if there's any physical button for activating the Wifi ?

Check log messages and so.

I'm sorry I can't be more explicit regarding this issue as the C700 belongs to a friend of mine, so I have no longer access to the machine.

Good luck.

santosh, 2013/02/06 09:48

I am using compaq_presario_c700 with windows 7 installed in it and trying to install centos 5.5 but unable to do its showing a error that No centos cd was dound in drive . please help me out what would be the fault.

charan, 2012/11/22 15:58

Hi i am having compaq presarioc700 laptop,i just installed ubuntu10.04 in my laptop. my wireless networks are not showing in my network manager..can any one clear my problem…am new to ubuntu…. thanks in advance.. charan

Gordon Arkell, 2012/05/07 19:19

I just installed Ubuntu LTS 12 and my c700 powers off for some apparent fan/overheat/CPU issue. Does NOT do this in Windows Vista. Too bad. Otherwise it was great. As it is, it is useless as a paperweight with this Linux distro at least.

prem, 2010/08/31 12:55

hi i m prem
i m useing presario c700
i want to form vista and want xp in my lapi,,,
my dvd rom r not working
so plz help for format,,xp driver,,,via usb

faye, 2010/05/17 03:07

How do I format my laptop?

peter, 2015/03/16 04:47

what are your mind?

Cody, 2010/03/30 18:31

I have a compaq presario laptop, it cuttently has windows vista on it, I want to dump it and get linux, what virsion is best for the C762NR Compaq Presario? I don't like the Vista OS. Anyone out their with better suggestions?

Bill Giannikos, 2010/04/06 06:26

As a general rule I typically recommend Ubuntu, but OpenSUSE is good too.

rinku chauhan, 2010/03/22 10:56

i want to internet setting for idea gprs for my hp compaq presario c700….internet setting

joseph, 2009/08/29 21:20

wi fi

same thing, tried so many tutorials………desperate.Bold Text

apolutrosi, 2010/01/29 01:04

I am currently running Ubuntu 9.10 on my Compaq Presario C762nr, and it runs great, everything worked “right out of the box” (post install) The only problem I have had is that the button to turn the wireless on and off stays orange, it doesn't change to blue when wireless is active, however wireless works great.

jack, 2009/08/11 11:04

wi fy connection is not supported in my system presario c700.how can work it/ plz help me

weedmushroomlover, 2009/06/03 06:51

I have run usb linux's on this laptop. Puppy linux does not see the wifi, slax sees it but does not connect to the network, DSL….forget it. I don't want to install linux in the hard disk as i also use windows for work.

Snail, 2010/01/31 18:58

I run Puppy Linux 4.3.1 and PCLinuxOS 2009.2 on my C793. Both use the wifi flawlessly, using wpa encryption ( I haven't tried wpa2 yet). Only the light on the wifi key doesn't work properly, it stays yellow when wifi is on. Anyone know a driver that solves that problem?

sailesh shrivastava, 2009/01/22 12:57

ineed vedio card of hp presarioc773tu

Sathya , 2009/01/07 22:09

Everything works well including the card reader except wifi

Ahmed Hazem, 2008/12/12 10:00

Running Ubuntu 8.04 on Presario C700
Madwifi doesnt recognize wireless by default.

Ahmed Hazem, 2008/12/12 09:58

The wireless isnt correctly recognized. I am still struggling thru tutorials to find out how to fix that.

huguenant, 2008/12/08 17:34

I'm running Ubuntu 8.04 on my Presario C700. I have only a probleme with hibernation. It does hibernate but says that hibernation doesn't run !

Mitchell, 2008/11/14 04:04


I'm running Ubuntu 8.10 on this and although the Atheros wifi card is detected I have no idea how to turn it on. It does not appear as a network interface.

Yabuu, 2008/11/08 17:21

poor 3d

I am running fedora on this lap top, everything is working ok, without any trouble, but I have a poor 3d performance in games…

Anonymous, 2008/10/23 01:04

i'm running Mandriva Cooker on a Presario C700. No problems.
3D working in Kde4 and gnome, sound OK, wifi fast.

Backtrack running sporadic and no problem injectiong with atheros card.

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