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diwakar, 2015/05/15 20:24

Hi frds,
I'm happy to hear that many have tried linux installing in hp 8570w . I too tried installing ubuntu-gnome-14.04.2-desktop-amd64 and ubuntu-gnome-15.04-desktop-amd64. i faced problem like. finger print not working and function keys like display increasing and decreasing . One more like WiFi indicator light is turning into orange and white colour automatic but wifi is not disconnecting .. If anyone fixed this problem or got solution for this ,Please share it with me. my mail id: diwakar.km@hotmail.com
Thank you

Ajit, 2014/12/10 13:46

Can SomeBody Please Tell me How to decrease The bright ness In My Hp 8570w .

I have installed Ubuntu 12.04 LTS , and My brightness function keys are Not working.

Nit, 2014/08/25 19:44

I installed Ubuntu 14.04 on that laptop. I had a lot of problems with configuring the graphics card and had to install it several times until the version 14.04.1 went out and apparently solved the huge graphics card problems.
- I have tested the VGA output and it works fine on many different configurations (projector, external screen etc.).
- I have not yet managed to make the fingerprint reader work properly. Any help welcome
- esata, bluetooth work right out of the box
- I couldn't configure the lm-sensors to get the fan rotation and control. Any help welcome here also.

Thomas Reber, 2014/01/26 23:17

Installed Debian 7.3 next to Windows 8.1. I could buy the laptop through a special offer from my university - the downside: the GPU is an AMD Firepro M4000 which took a while to set up properly. Even then, with the latest fglrx from AMDs site, I ran into troubles running psychtoolbox-3 - a matlab/octave toolbox which requires proper timestamping of the vertical refreshes of the display. Other than that it seems to work quit well…

Bob, 2013/12/14 11:49

This laptop seems to work flawlessly with Mint 16 Cinnamon edition (note I was unsuccessful when trying to use Mint Debian Edition though). I suspect it should be OK with any distro using a modern Linux kernel (at least 3.10), otherwise some of the hardware won't be correctly detected.

Sound – good. Outputs correctly via internal speakers or via headphones when connected.

Video – excellent. Mint correctly detected the graphics card and the internal laptop screen. Once connected to the docking station with external monitors on both the VGA and the DVI connectors everything was correctly detected, giving me a three-screen setup (laptop internal screen, DVI external screen, VGA external screen). Again, Mint detected it all flawlessly and spanned the desktop correctly across all three screens. Once the nVidia drivers were installed (as suggested by Mint) video performance is blazingly fast.

Bluetooth – only tried pairing it with my phone so far but no issues there.

Wired ethernet and Wifi – both work.

Suspend and resume – works.

Optical drive (DVD-RAM) – works.

Not yet tried: SD card reader, modem, firewire, fingerprint reader.

kh, 2013/06/18 03:33

Installed xubuntu 12.04, linux mint 13. Docking station not working on both. Screen brightness keys does not have effect on actual brightness (even though the icon shows up). Audio works but the laptop always seems to be confused as to whether the output should be the built-in speakers or HDMI output (even though there is no HDMI port, only a VGA and a display port).

Other than that, the system works great. Everything else from wireless to nvidia drivers work perfectly (although this last point is probably due to the good hardware detection of ubuntu-based distros).

Have not really tested the battery life - unplugging the power adapter from a fully charged state shows a battery life of 3.5hrs.

Marcus, 2012/12/18 18:31

Can you tell me about the power consumption, when running with X11 on? Powertop will tell when power is unplugged.

chocholo, 2013/03/06 06:37

The battery reports a discharge rate of 33.1 W

Tom Watson, 2012/11/19 17:59

I just installed Fedora 17 (64 bit version) and made the Windows 7 partition shrink to an appropriate size. Fedora's install process did this for me nicely. It setup the partitions (boot, root, home) and all was well with the world. When I booted back to W7, it did want to do a disk check, but after that there were no problems.

On the display front, I have an external monitor connected, and at first it was a mess. A quick load of the Nvidia drivers, and all was well again. Everything else seems to be quite functional with no special setups. I haven't played around witht he camera yet so I can't comment on it. Also, I'm not using a docking station, but I expect few problems to be had. Others can comment on these.

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