HP Pavilion dm1-4000 Series


J.A. Watson (j.a.watson@bluewin.ch)
Yoran Brondsema (yoran.brondsema@gmail.com)


The latest in this excellent AMD-powered sub-laptop line.

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NamePavilion dm1-4010ez
ProcessorAMD E-450 Dual Core 1.65GHz
Screen11.6“ 1366×768
Optical DriveExternal USB DVD+/-RW
GraphicsRadeon 6320M
NetworkWired 10/100/1000, Wireless b/g/n, Bluetooth 3.0

Linux Compatibility

Optical DriveYes
GraphicsYesOnly tested with FOSS Radeon driver
SoundYes (for openSUSE 12.1 see below)
WirelessYesRange/Signal Strength seems limited (see below for fix)
BluetoothNoUnable to add bluetooth peripherals(Works on Ubuntu 12.04)
56K ModemN/A
Card ReaderYes
ExpressCard SlotN/A


The good news about this sub-notebook is that it is not cursed with the Synaptic “Click Pad” touchpad as was in its predecessor (dm1-3105ez). The bad news is that they have switched from the Ralink 5390 WiFi adapter which was finally working quite nicely with the latest Linux distributions, back to the Broadcom 4313. It is particularly nice that all of the Fn-keys work (volume up/down/mute, brightness up/down, wireless on/off) and Suspend/Resume work.

Problems with WiFi driver

The open-source brcmsmac driver included in many distributions does not work well with the Broadcom 4313 adapter. The connection is slow and it recognizes a low signal strength.

The solution is to install the proprietary broadcom-wl driver.

After installation, replace the brcmsmac driver by the broadcom-wl driver. In /etc/modprobe.d/50-blacklist.conf append the following two lines.

blacklist brcmsmac
blacklist bcma

Make the Wireless Adapter Work on Ubuntu 12.04

If you still have problems with the wireless adapter after you've installed the proprietary Broadcom STA driver, so can fix this in a few simple steps. First off, blacklist the bcma and brcm80211 drivers:

  echo "blacklist bcma" | sudo tee -a /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist.conf
  echo "blacklist brcm80211" | sudo tee -a /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist.conf

Use then the following command to install the required packages:

  sudo apt-get install bcmwl-kernel-source broadcom-sta-common broadcom-sta-source firmware-b43-installer

Reboot, and the wireless should now work.

Source: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1879096

Install the AMD/ATI Driver from the Command Line under Ubuntu 12.04

If, for some reason, the Add Drivers graphical utility fails, you can install the AMD/ATI proprietary driver from the command line. Run the following command to install the required packages:

  sudo apt-get install fglrx fglrx-amdcccle fglxrx_dev

Run then the command below:

  sudo aticonfig --initial

Reboot to enable the driver.

Suspend-to-RAM on lid close

On openSUSE 12.1 (and maybe other distributions as well), no action is taken when the lid closes. In most cases, it is convenient for the laptop to suspend to RAM when the lid is closed. To achieve this, perform the following commands.

touch /etc/acpi/events/lid

Insert the following in /etc/acpi/events/lid.

action=/etc/acpi/actions/suspend.sh %e

Now create a file /etc/acpi/actions/suspend.sh with the following contents.

sleep 1

Make this file executable.

chmod +x /usr/sbin/pm-suspend

Finally, exit root login.


Now, suspend-to-RAM should be triggered when closing the lid.

Audio on openSUSE 12.1

http://en.opensuse.org/SDB:Audio_troubleshooting contains excellent troubleshooting. To enable sound on openSUSE 12.1, you need to install pulseaudio and pavucontrol.

zypper in pulseaudio
zypper in pavucontrol


I have loaded several Linux distributions on this laptop, with mixed results.

openSuSE 12.1, Ubuntu 11.10, Linux Mint 12, Fedora 16, PCLinuxOS 2011.09: Installed without problem, and everything except Bluetooth works. Right-click on the Bluetooth Manager icon brings up a window which does not include the “Send files to device…” or “Add a new device…” options. Note that with Fedora 16, the Broadcom 4313 drivers were not included in the original distribution, so after installing you have to get all updates (via wired network or mobile broadband) before the wireless networking will work.

Linux Mint Debian 201109 Gnome: Works after first installation, but when updated to the 3.0 kernel it hangs when booting. Back off to the 2.6.39 kernel, and everything works.


Juha, 2014/04/13 10:22

Bluetooth works fine in my HP Pavilion dm1 (at least as audio device) running Debian Wheezy.

Natille, 2013/02/16 08:33

I've tried ubuntu 12.04 when it was released on this netbook, but i had the touchpad and keyboard stop working after a couple of mins, so i gave up and switch back to win 7

Anyone knows if situation now is better ? Maybe with 12.10 and the new kernel, or just with the updates of 12.04.

I might give 12.10 a chance but i don't want to erase my hdd if there is any chance of having the same problems that i had

Endevido, 2013/01/16 09:38

Thanks for the help. It was very helpful for me.

I tried with Debian and it didn't worked wifi, sound, bluetooth and video card.

After trying Linux Mint 14 Nadia w/ Mate Desktop everything works fine except the wifi that worked poorly (solved easily adding broadcom package in software manager) and bluetooth (that it is not going to work).

I suppose the ATI Radeon driver is also required but the generic works just fine for me by the moment.

Bettina von Mutius, 2012/10/08 08:40

I have tried to install XUBUNTU 12.04 and mint 13 on this laptop.
Nearly everthing works fine. Smaller probs with bluetooth on xubuntu, but this doesn't bother my.
What really drives me crazy is the freezing mouse and keyboard after a certain time.
I have no chance just to work a couple hourse without rebooting the system.
I have added “thermal off=1” to my grub file (farn always on in bios), so it gave me some additional time after the first boot.
So any advices here?

Thanks and greetings from switzerland, Bettina

Pipe, 2012/05/23 10:40

Hi all. First to say I'm a bit new to Linux.
I have a Netbook DM1-4130ss with a wireless card Broadcom 4313. According to the Ubuntu installation completes the connection is very bad, bad signal being detected by the access point and the speed is very low.
If you enabled the Broadcom STA proprietary driver gets better, in fact the LED of the changes from amber to black and the signal and speed improvement. What happens if I do a iwconfig wlan0 instead of eht1 and information appears on the console that I offer is null, or informing me of the ESSID, signal level, etc … that for conky that I have prepared is data that I need but not reported.

Another flaw I detect is that if I boot the computer with wifi off if you press the button to activate it does not detect networks, the Bluetooth is activated but does not detect wireless networks.

I followed several guides but do not get this working correctly.

I let a few facts:

lo no wireless extensions.

eth1 IEEE 802.11 Access Point: Not-Associated
          Link Quality: 5 Signal level: 227 Noise level: 160
          Rx invalid nwid: 0 invalid crypt: 0 invalid misc: 0

eth0 no wireless extensions.

I need help. Thanks

Juha, 2012/04/28 07:45

You indicate in above that audio works. Have you tested also that internal mic works? For me it doesn't.

Caleb_IX, 2012/01/21 17:40

I have bought this Subnotebook and after the instalation of Ubuntu 11.10 64-Bit and the additional drivers (proposed by ubuntu for the Broadcom w-lan-card and the ati radeon hd video-card) everything works! Nice and fast Subnotebook!

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