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HP DV2 1030


Iain Farrell (iain[d o t]farrell[a t]gmail[d o t]com)


The HP DV2-1030 compact Laptop, 1.6kg in weight and comes in a stylish chassis. Optical drive is external.

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NameDV2 1030
ProcessorAthlon Neo 64
Screen12“ 1280×800
Optical DriveExternal DVD with lightscribe
GraphicsATI HD3410 512MB onboard with VGA and HDMI out
Network Gigabit Ethernet, 802.11n, Bluetooth

Linux Compatibility

ProcessorYesMuch better performance than under Vista
Optical DriveYes
56K ModemN/A
Card ReaderYes
ExpressCard SlotN/A
CameraYesOnly tested in [[Cheese]]


Tested using Ubuntu
At the moment the 9.04 Jaunty iso fails to boot from CD or USB. To install I had to install 8.10 Ibex and upgrade from within Ubuntu.

If issues experienced with sound coming from headphones but not from speakers following solution can be applied. Download the file below and then open a terminal window and copy and paste the instructions.

#> ./configure –enable-dynamic-minors
#> make
#> sudo make install-modules
#> sudo pico /etc/modprobe.d/alsa-base
[add 'options snd_hda_intel model=hp-dv5' sans quotes to the bottom of the file, even if you have a dv4, etc.]
#> sudo reboot


Laptop is running perfectly with Ubuntu. Switch on side to turn wifi and bluetooth on and off even works and the laptop sleeps and wakes from suspend perfectly. Am very very happy with it so far!


Pavel Simacek, 2010/02/01 20:42

I have been running Linux Mint 8 (Ubuntu based) on this machine (with 4GB RAM and no bluetooth) for a couple of months (since beta). It installed from CD without problems, loaded proprietary drivers for wireless and ATI graphics and runs ever since, including the sound (no patching), in dual boot with Vista 64. I have not tested the components I do not use on this machine (Listed: camera, HDTV, external VGA, burning DVD), but there is no serious problem with those I use.

The issues encountered so far are all minor:

  • The wireless switch is not synchronized with the wireless enabling/disabling properly if booting with wireless button off. After switching the button, one must disable wireless, then re-enable it, from the systray.
  • The combination of ATI driver + eye candy (screen effects) + some full screen OGL stuff (Freedroid RPG) can do some weird things. I just set the desktop effects to none.
  • Trying to schedule boot disk check with Vista 64 ends with Vista not booting after the check. Boot in “Last Good Configuration” was needed. Otherwise, no problems with this “operating system”. Guess I should get rid of that partition.

Just for completeness: I have tested a few distros before, with boot problems being quite common. Zenwalk 6.2 (Slackware based) boots and installs without trouble and the system is functional including sound but without 3D ATI acceleration. I installed the ATI drivers with problematic effect. The driver seemed to be added to the original OS driver, instead of replacing it. This is easy to fix, but then, the applications cannot find OGL support. I guess that somebody more experienced would know which system variable to set to point where, but I gave up and switched to Linux Mint at that point.

Pavel Simacek, 2010/03/15 20:01

A few more results, though these were brief experiments rather than true testing:

1. Camera works, at least with Cheese.
2. External VGA “kind of” works. I hooked it to my desktop's 20” CRT and - after a few attempts and some X11 restarts - managed to get it to work, though the top resolution allowed was 1280×1024 rather than 2048×1536 my desktop's NVIDIA driver offers. I do not know if the recently released ATI driver would be of any help.

Ricardo Ramalho, 2009/05/22 19:01


I have this portable, but the sound only works with headphones. The front speakers are mute.

To boot the 9.04 .iso do the following:
1) boot until the system drops you to the busybox
2) remove the usb cdrom
3) re-plug the usb cdrom
4) exit the busybox and suddenly the system continues booting

Wierd, but works…

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