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Lenovo IdeaPad Z710


This is a reference of the hardware compatibility running Linux with the Lenovo IdeaPad Z710 laptop. If you have the Lenovo IdeaPad Z710 and are running Linux on it please consider editing this page or adding a comment below with your compatibility details, the distro and the kernel version (use the “uname -a” command). By contributing you will help other people running this laptop or trying to make a decision on whether to buy it or not.

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For full specifications see the Lenovo IdeaPad Z710 specifications page.

NameLenovo IdeaPad Z710
Processor4th Gen Intel Core i7-4700MQ (2.40GHz 1600MHz 6MB)
4th Gen Intel Core i5-4200M (3.10 GHz 400 MHz 3 MB)
Screen17.3“ Full HD display (1920 x 1080)
17.3” HD display (1366 x 768)
16:9 widescreen
RAM8.00GB Dual-Channel
16GB Dual-channel
HDDUp to 1TB HDD with integrated 8GB Solid State Hybrid Drive (SSHD) storage (optional)
Optical DriveDVD reader / writer or Blu-ray Disc Rambo
GraphicsIntel HD Graphics 4600
Optional NVIDIA GeForce GT 745M
Network Qualcomm Atheros
WiFi Intel N720 ProSet 802.11 b/g/n

Linux Compatibility

Graphics ChipnVidia: Ok untill sleep.
Intel: Ok.
With proprietary driver.
VGA OutOk.
HDMI OutOk.With Intel graphics drivers.
Display PortNot Tested
Optical DriveOk.
SoundOk.Dolby is lost.
Headphone PortOk.
Microphone-In PortNot Tested
WirelessOk.Out of the box.
BluetoothOk.Out of the box.
USBOk.Full support.
FirewireNot Tested
Card ReaderOk.
WebcamOk.Needs configuration, but works.
KeyboardOk.With backlight.
TouchPadOk.Some gestures won't work.
Suspend/ResumeOk.Sometimes, the screen goes black with Nvidia Graphics.
Hardware Error.


The test was done using ArchLinux with Kernel 3.15.8-1-ARCH. Ok means that the feature works out-of-the-box. Ok with specifications mean that works well, but you need to know something more about that or you have to install something.The backlight of the keyboard works well. In KDE (but in others work out-of-the-box), Phonon won't work with the HDMI audio output, but this is a KDE bug.

When the PC resumes from the Suspend status, the graphic card Nvidia refuses to turn on. If you are using the Nvidia card for the X session (or a Oprtirum app, in this case, go to tty1 (Control-Alt-Fn-F1) and as root kill the optirun process), after resume you'll get a Black Screen and the Nvidia card will refuse to Turn Off, making the pc temp to rise incredible fast. If the nVidia card is disabled before Sleep, when the PC resume, you will get no major problem, but bumblebee won't work because the GPU will refuse to Turn On again, making the GPU unusable.

For some unknown reason, when the PC resumes, independently about the GPU, a MCE (Hardware error) will be produced just after the resume or somtimes it's delayed minutes. Tracking the MCE, the CPU reports a error in the Level2 Cache memory, this won't produce a Kernel Panic but its annoying to know that.

The easyest solution about graphics is disable the nVidia in the BIOS setup. If you use it on Windows and you don't want to enable it and disable it in BIOS, I presonally reccomend to load bbswitch with power state OFF and blacklist the nvidia and the nouveau kernel modules.

The ACPI is buggy. The battery won't report the charging or discharging rate correctly. Sadly, the ideapad_laptop kernel module looks like it is'nt working, making the ACPI extras inaccesible.


The PC works well in Arch Linux, for some Intel (like the graphics card, wireless, audio and bluetooth) and nVidia features (graphics, HDMI, suspend-resume) you may want to install the proprietary drivers or disable the nVidia card.
However, this PC works excellent with Arch Linux and the latest kernel. You can get almost the same performance and battery life than Windows, but only if you take time to configure it.


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