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Lenovo ThinkPad Edge E535


This is a compatibility guide to running Linux with the Lenovo ThinkPad Edge E535 laptop. If you have the Lenovo ThinkPad Edge E535 and are running Linux on it please consider editing this page or adding a comment below with your compatibility details. By contributing you will help other people running this laptop or trying to make a decision on whether to buy it or not.

This page is just for discussing using Linux on the Lenovo ThinkPad Edge E535. For a general discussion about this laptop you can visit the Lenovo ThinkPad Edge E535 page on LapWik.

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For full specifications see the Lenovo ThinkPad Edge E535 specifications page.

NameLenovo ThinkPad Edge E535
ProcessorUp to AMD VISION Pro A10 Quad processor
Screen15.6“ HD display (with anti-glare and glossy options)
RAMUp to 16GB DDR3
Optical DriveIntegrated DVD reader/writer
GraphicsOptional AMD Radeon discrete graphics

Linux Compatibility

Graphics ChipWorksWith OSS driver no 3D Support, Cinnamon 2D works fixed
VGA OutNot Tested
HDMI OutWorksWorks fine, sound ok
Optical DriveWorks
MicrophoneNot Tested
Headphone PortWorks (Headset Port)
Microphone-In PortWorks (Headset Port)
WirelessWorksVery poor unless you install Broadcom BCM4313 driver from software center
Card ReaderWorkssince Kernel 3.8 (see comments)
Fingerprint ReaderNot Tested


The wireless performance seems very poor, I get a lot of timeouts.
Install “bcmwl-kernel-source” (for Broadcom BCM4313) from software center to get wireless work. Bluetooth works with this driver, too (also if it doesn't look like in the first moment). Sucessfully paired two smartphones with the laptop and send a file via bluetooth.
In the moment (2. Apr. 2013) there is an issue with the Radeon HD graphic driver from AMD with xserve 1.13. AMD has a beta-driver ( and hopfully a stable driver in the next weeks. Don't install xserve update (1.13) if you are using Catalyst 13.1 driver!
Battery and fan are not shown in the system information, but there is a fan control for IBM-Thinkpads in the software center. Just trying it in the next hours/days/weeks.
Install packets <u>tp-smapi-dkms</u> and <u>gkrellm-thinkbat</u> for better battey performance.



Baatezuu, 2013/12/02 22:24

Thanks Quetzacoatl, I was able to install the Broadcom driver it works much better than the default driver.

My only other complaint is the battery management seems poor. I am now running a triple boot configuration with Linux Mint 16, Ubuntu 13.10 and Windows 8.1. The battery seems to last for about 2 hours in Windows. When I run either Linux variant the battery only lasts about 1 hour tops before I have to plug in. I know this is a small complaint, but it does decrease the usefulness of the computer.

John, 2013/09/12 06:17

I experienced frequent freezes several a day where mouse and keyboard did not respond including things like reisub. After months of frustration I think I found a solution that has left me freeze free for two days. Edit /usr/lib/pm-utils/power.d/wireless at the bottom true false for wireless make both true and false say off. This will keep powersaving mode from turning on on the wireless card and prevent the freeze. The freezes only occurred when running on battery, so I have been running on battery as much as possible to test if the fix worked. I was using Broadcom sta driver, perhaps that was the problem.

twkr, 2013/06/28 07:38

Just bought this laptop and installed Arch. All works fine including the integrated microphone. However, VGA out for me works only with proprietary driver (I am now on open one because 2D-rendering on catalyst is too slow and I do not need 2D acceleration). Couldn't start fingerprint reader though. Here's the discussion thread about using such readers.


Baatezuu, 2013/03/02 03:21

I just bought one of these laptops and I have installed Linux Mint 14 Nadia on it. Everything appears to work great with the exception of the WiFi card. While I can get connection and am able to used the Internet it is weak at best. Any pages that have photos take excessive amounts of time to load and videos will not load at all.

The wired networking works great and everything else in the laptop appears to work great. I have a dual boot with the pre-installed Windows 7 and the WiFi works fine on Windows, which leads me to believe that it is a Linux driver issue.

Quetzacoatl, 2013/04/03 10:51

Hi Baatezuu, Wifi works with properitair drivers (see above). Have Phun.

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