Laptop Name

Samsung RC-512


Mike Grace


Evaluation was done with Linux Mint 10 64 bit version. Currently I have this installed on the computer in addition to Debian 6.01a (Squeeze), and Windows 7. I also tried other distros-see note section below.


Name Samsung RC-512-S02
Screen15.6” 1366 X 768
Optical DriveDVDWBD TS-LB23A (DVD/CD reader-writer with Blue-ray player)
GraphicsNVIDIA GeForce GT525M
Network(Ethernet 10/100/1000, LAN, Wireless 802.11b/g/n, Bluetooth=none)

Linux Compatibility

ProcessorYesall cores visible,system monitor shows as 8 cores due to 2 hyperthreads per core
ScreenYesdisplays okay-haven't looked at the Nvidia card in depth or 3D effects
Optical DriveYes
GraphicsNot Testedsee comment for Screen entry
WirelessYesI tested this at Best Buy before purchase, also works great at home including WPA
BluetoothNono Bluetooth installed
56K ModemNono modem installed
FirewireNono Firewire ports
Card ReaderNono card reader
ExpressCard SlotNono slot
CameraNot Tested


For Mint 10 battery functions work including ac/battery power management.

Debian 6.01a boots out of the box. However, to get the wireless to work you need firmware that is non-free and not included in the live cd or the regular installation disc. There are some directions on the website about adding them via tarballs but there is an easier way……

Use one of the unofficial iso files which includes the firmware as detailed in Win Kerkhoff's blog at .

The actual iso and checksums are located here .

After installing Debian from the unofficial iso I could see my wireless network and other wireless networks but I couldn't connect to my WPA network even with the key. I fixed this by installing from the repository network-manager-openvpn, editing my connection within vpn making wireless “available to all users” and setting it to connect automatically. It works but the connection is touchy. If I mess with the settings or the connection I need to reboot in order to reconnect. I can't get the sound to work although I haven't looked at this in depth yet. Otherwise Debian seems to work well.

Other distros' live cds- I looked at briefly.

Mint 10 32bit works okay

Mint Debian 10 will boot if you use the “safe mode “ that has the power management features disabled

Fedora 14 doesn't work-you get a black screen with a flashing cursor, no terminal, nothing. Although if you push the power button the screen does display the text of a system shutdown.

Opensuse 11.4 works including wireless out of the box, as easy as Mint but you get KDE instead of Gnome

PureOs 3.0 works except the wireless doesn't work out of the box

If you find a way to get the sound to work on Debian or good way for me to check that the Nvidia card is working properly please post a comment for it. Thanks


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