Sony VIAO VPC F_series


Jamie, 2013/01/24 17:41

Debian 6.0.6 installed on 4GB Sony Vaio VPCF13WFX with bluray performs poorly. Vaio needs external USB
mouse (touchpad not recognized by OS).
“apt-get install xbmc” - mouse is slow, video is too slow to even start.
Windows 7 64 bit runs slow and does not see the chipset or video hardware without Sony drivers.,33,63,71,118,7,102,26,80,119,72,125,44,55,27,84,74,57,61,108,115,109,103,89,113,35,78,48,77,106,29,123,50,39,64,114,41,12,58,52,81,60,45,66,73,101,76,86,62,54,67,70,68,2,17,1,116,88,100,110,82,25,120,28,83,69,59,112,49,24,104,124,53,122,79,121,22,42,46,13,105,126,6,85,3,36,9,51,111,47,38,4,34,37,43,117,5

Sony has numerous drivers for Windows, not so many for Linux.

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