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This page is just for discussing using Linux on the Toshiba Portege Z30-A.

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NameToshiba Portege Z30-A-12Q
ProcessorIntel i5-4200U
Screen13.3“ 1366×768 Widescreen
Optical Drivenone
GraphicsHaswell-ULT Integrated Graphics Controller
NetworkEthernet - Intel I218-V, Wifi - Intel Wireless 3160

Linux Compatibility

Graphics ChipYes
VGA OutYes/No/Partial/Not TestedComments
HDMI PortYes/No/Partial/Not TestedComments
Bulti-in MicrophoneYes
Headphone/Mic JackYes
EthernetYeskernel 3.10+
WirelessYeswork with 3.10+ (rf_kill problems), better 3.12+
BluetoothYes/No/Partial/Not TestedComments
Card ReaderYes/No/Partial/Not TestedComments
Fingerprint ReaderYes/No/Partial/Not TestedComments
WebcamYes/No/Partial/Not TestedComments
Smart Card ReaderYes/No/Partial/Not TestedComments
Docking StationYes/No/Partial/Not TestedComments
Track PointYes/No/Partial/Not TestedComments
Suspend/ResumeYes/No/Partial/Not TestedComments


tested with Debian wheezy + vanilla 3.10.x and 3.12.x kernels


Fn-keys problem, othewise mostly works fine.

7W in idle with 3.10.x kernel, nice.


Beurt, 2014/08/31 20:12


I just received my brand new z30-A-19L (W7 and BIOS mode for now, I will maybe try to upgrade to W8, and maybe try UEFI?). I immediately installed a Mageia Linux 4 on it, and like you, most of the features are working properly.

Unfortunately there is still some weird issues:
- the ALPS pad that is only recognized as mouse (no gesture, like scrolling pages; no middle click emulated with simultaneous left&right click, etc.) → This is very very annoying! (I did not manage to build the psmouse-dkms-alpsv7 driver on my distro)
- the screen backlight is working properly if acpi_backlight=vendor is set in GRUB options, but after suspending, the backlight control is not working anymore
- the hibernation is working properly and is a solution to the suspend and backlight control issue (since backlight control is working after resuming)… but: fn keys do not work after resuming (strange!)

Here comes a few useful links about Linux and these machines:

- (from vencik)
- Already given: from vencik and very useful (thanks! :-))

Beurt, 2014/09/02 20:16


After a few tweaks here where I am:

- Impossible for me to build the psmouse module from on my Mageia 4

- As I *need* to use the middle click of the mouse (wheel click) for pasting, but also for dimensioning windows (KDE) I used xinput (as explained here: to emulate the middle button click

- Unfortunately this middle button tweak is not compatible with wheel Emulation on button 3 (left click). So As I also need the wheel, I use xdotool to add some new shortcuts (Meta+Arrows) to emulate the wheel. It is working fine (except that I cannot perform any Ctrl+wheel to zoom in/out).

- I use hibernate instead suspend to maintain the possibility to change screen dim, and it is working fine.

Manuel, 2014/07/14 08:37

Hi, vencik. Does your laptop's fan make quite noise sometimes?

Dim, 2014/09/03 11:30

I am getting a noisy fan very often. Even when the computer is not being stressed, say web-browsing and PDF reading.
Anyone have experienced/solved this? (Running ubuntu 14.04 on Z30A-1D6)

Manuel, 2014/07/03 21:35

I installed Debian stable but now grub does not load and I cannot start my Linux system. I used the default partitioning suggested by the Debian installer.

vencik, 2014/04/29 08:34

I have a similar model: Z30-A-12N, got Debian Jessie work quite nicely.
If anyone is interested:

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