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Toshiba Satellite L300D-L305D


This is a guide to running Linux with the Toshiba Satellite L300D-L305D laptop.

This guide is intended to provide you details on how well this laptop works with Linux and which modules you need to configure. For details on how to actually install and configure the required modules have a look at our guides section for distribution specific instructions.

This page is just for discussing using Linux on the Toshiba Satellite L300D-L305D. For a general discussion about this laptop you can visit the Toshiba Satellite L300D-L305D page on LapWik.

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For full specifications see the Toshiba Satellite L300D-L305D specifications page.

NameToshiba Satellite L300D-L305D
ProcessorAMD Turion 64 X2
Screen15.4“ WXGA Widescreen
Optical DriveDVD+-RW
GraphicsATI Radeon 3100
NetworkEthernet, Atheros 802.11bg

Linux Compatibility

Screen+Works fine after manual ATI drivers installation
Optical Drive+
Graphics+A bit troublesome installation of ATI drivers
Sound+Sound quality is different somehow from Vista, but good
WirelessNot Tested
56K ModemNot Tested
Card ReaderNot Tested
ExpressCard SlotNot Tested


Installed OpenSuSE 11.0, most things had configured automatically except for the ATI drivers.


Quite good.


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sjones, 2011/06/20 07:48

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Wahrsuul, 2011/06/07 12:39

I dual boot PCLinuxOS/Win7 x64 on an L305D-S5895 with 3GB and a 500GB HD. No real issues so far. Sometimes it appeared that the battery would die quicker running on Linux, but now it seems that the battery is going bad and needs to be replaced. I haven't tried to use the modem and I don't hook it up to an outside monitor, but everything else seems fine. I've had more trouble with BSOD “Bad_Pool_Header” when booting Win7, but that points to a driver issue.

Dave, 2011/02/26 15:23

the L305D's run hot no matter what system you're using, but if the fan isn't working, you're gonna have problems anyway. My advice is to get a really really good cooling pad, no matter what OS you're running. Also, I've heard there's a way to get the L305D-S5927's wireless card to actually work with ubuntu, but I haven't figured it out. If anybody else has an idea?

Berit, 2010/12/10 15:20

Hi, I have a Toshiba Satellite L300D. And when I start my computer and there will be several messages that “the program does not work” and when I try to start the anti-virus program so my computer turns itself off. When I try to start it again I get told to “restart” or start the startup repair tool (recommended) ”. I have received message that” the program does not work “long, but it is only lately that it has turned itself off.
Hope someone can help, in advance, many thanks!

Sam, 2010/11/24 19:00

I have the same problems with heat, i struggle to keep the system below 70C.

Jackill, 2010/09/03 21:52

Toshiba L305D-S5881, KUbuntu 10.04, 32-bit.

Camera works. Front microphone works but not very loud (not works on maximum capture level, or boost, or digital max source level). External microphone works fine (with same warnings on levels). Sound wheel works. Wi-Fi works.

It seems that multimedia keys works (checked one of them).

Not works LCD brightness keys. Powerdevil also can't change brightness. :(

Ish, 2009/07/21 20:47

No success on the Ati graphic here on this side either. Can anyone shed some light?

Peter William, 2009/06/02 18:12

I have a Satellite L305D-S5881 AMD Turions X2 dual Core RM-70. I installed Ubuntu 8.0.4 on it in dual boot mode. ( Vista + ).
Unbuntu works well.. Had some trouble getting the Atheros Wireless card. Used ndiswrapper but it wouldn't accept WEP Security. Switched to madwifi and wireless works fine.

However laptop runs very hot ( > 65 C even on idling ) This is a nasty problem as the
fan doesn't switch on in Ubuntu. Traced it to a bug in the ACPI interface… ( bad dsdt as well). Haven't found a fix for this.. Need to else Ubuntu will have to go from the laptop.

Carlos Sanchez, 2010/05/13 12:58

Hello, Peter. I have a Satellite L305D, and I've tried with many distros already. The only one that made my fan work (partially) was Ubuntu 10.04. I had to do two things:

1. Compile and put to work the k10temp module so my temperature sensor could be recognized correctly (followed these instructions
2. Add to the grub kernel line “acpi=off” (sudo gedit /etc/default/grub)

This is the only way my fan could be managed correctly, going up and down on speed whenever it was required (just like in Windows). The problem is that without acpi, I could not use the multimedia keys, the volume wheel, the LCD brightness (which was crappy anyway) or read the battery state.

Now I'm trying with Arch Linux. The k10temp module is included in the 2.6.33 kernel, so I did not have to compile anything. The problem now is that, if I turn off acpi just like in Ubuntu, there's no change in the fan behavior. The only way I've found to make the fan go full speed to avoid the computer getting hot and turning itself off, is to wait 10 seconds in the grub menu so the fan turns on by itself and then start ArchLinux. The fan will stay on always, but at least it prevents the computer to get hot.

If you find any answer, please let us know. There's very little useful information on the internet. The best wikis and tutorials are from ArchLinux, but still they haven't been useful to me.

john, 2009/04/28 19:53

Hey Bro. Nathan, Very easy to get Wireless working. go to this link. FOLLOW THE DIRECTIONS. But Brian, your problem is harder to fix.

Nathan, 2009/03/12 23:29

Have the L305D-S5934 here. Linux Mint 6 install. So far things are okay. No wireless, card isn't even detected, no joy with either NDSwrapper or MadWifi. Rj45 works with no issues. So think I will either change distros, or wait for an update or two. Can get by dual booting vista for now.

Hans Persson, 2009/01/06 15:35

I installed Ubuntu Linux 8.10 on this and allowed it to create a dual boot setup with the Vista installation that was already there from the factory. After [ | running the installation], the Ubuntu installation has worked great with everything I have tried. No problems with graphics, wireless works, webcam works.

Peter William, 2009/06/28 19:28

Hello ..
Just wanted to ask you if you any overheating problems on this laptop.

what does acpi -t ? show on this laptop.. Does it consistently exceed 55C..?


erf, 2009/07/18 02:18

not really. it does go above 55C all the time, but doesn't appear to be a problem. I'm not entirely sure whether it was because the whole system was a bit messed up or not, but I did have some problems with the 32bit version, with processes taking up a lot of cpu power, pushing the temp up. but since I cleanly installed ubuntu amd64 everything is running very smoothly..

brian, 2008/12/18 12:27

I have tried and tried but I cannot choose the “correct” graphic config- every choice is wrong and the install program denies that I have a sound card and this wil also not config on install.

Result 99.999999 installed and then hangs on the above un addressed problems.

I will try to update my ati drivers as suggested above but I have my doubts.


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