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Toshiba Satellite L505D

This page intended for troubleshooting linux installation on TOSHIBA SATELLITE L505D (GS6000).

1. Debian linux can't recognize cd-rom dirve to copy installation files. When i tryed to install it from usb-stick
it shows error something like “cant set keyboard encoding (unicode)…”.
2. Kubuntu - the same thing

While I never tried Debian on a L505 laptop I did find that you could install Ubuntu 10.04 with acpi=off.
Then you need to compile a kernel or find one of the 2.6.35-rc kernels from
these seem to give some boot errors but still seem to work ok.
The best solution seems to be wait for the release of Ubuntu 10.10 it should support these laptops.


frank, 2010/09/09 08:56

I installed ubuntu 10.04 lts. I had to do acpi=off to get it to boot properly. installed ati driver. it updated the kernel too. problems: sound, power management, webcam and wireless. i have used other distros before and this is pretty good. read that you should do a custom kernel with acpi supported to get power management working better. i've never done that, so it will be interesting. i don't like that it comes with firefox but you need to install missing plugins… i will try 10.10 to see how well it works.

doug, 2010/09/04 19:34

I have a Toshiba L505D-LS5007 and 10.4 goes toes up on me as well, will try acpi=off

esh, 2010/08/05 10:34

I had faced while trying to install ubuntu 10.04 and fedora on 'toshiba satellite L505D-GS6000'. I couldn't able to continue after the first dialog that let's to choose installation or live session or ….
Any one who can give me some clue is welcome!!!

kerim, 2010/05/22 18:41

I am tired to install ubuntu 10.4 on toshiba satellite L505D-GS6000. Can someone help me.

phantx, 2010/08/10 03:57

Help you? what about me and thousands more that want Linux HELPPPPP! lol that's a TARZAN YELL HELP …U let me know when you figure it out buddy lol I need help also. ;OY

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